About ONI

What is the ONI?

The ONI is a vehicle for encouraging citizen involvement in government affairs and improving communication between citizens and city staff and elected officials.

Established by City Ordinance in April, 2005, the “Office” is staffed by a City liason, within the office of the City Manager. (Click Here for the City Organizational Chart).

How the ONI works:

Although the ONI is a city office it is the Office of Neighborhood Involvement Committee (PSNIC), who sets the agenda and works to address matters of concern to citizens and other neighborhood interests. The PSNIC is comprised of elected representatives of Neighborhood Organizations that have become officially recognized by the City through an application process. Currently there are 22 recognized Neighborhood Organizations.

PSNIC meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month, 8:30 AM, at City Hall in the large conference room. Each sub-committee has its own meeting schedule. See the Calendar for more information.

Click here to view the ONI Bylaws.

What’s so great about a Neighborhood Organization?

  • A community of people who know and look out for one another
  • A place for bringing people together to socialize and address common concerns
  • A collective voice to advocate for neighborhood interests and concerns
  • A recognized entity that works with city government to access resources and resolve issues affecting neighborhood character and quality of life
  • A communication conduit that exchanges information and knowledge
  • A training ground for community leaders