Meeting Minutes 1-4-08



MEMBERS IN ATTENDANCE: Chair-Bob Mahlowitz, Lee Husfeldt, Catherine Marcy, Nick Chicola, and David Carden

Meeting started at 3:00 PM and adjourned at 5:15 PM

Website: Chris Bricker, web master, was in attendance to discuss the enhancements to the web site and review the current subscriber system, member log on, and other changes to improve the web site. He reviewed two work orders for a drop down menu system and an e-mail enhancement. Discussion was held about who and how to upload committee minutes, establishing a document archive system, and modifications to the front page of the site and the committee information. A review of the statistics show that the site averages 8,000-10,000 hits a month with 13,000 unique visitors for 2007.

TO DO: Catherine will continue to work with Chris regarding the work orders and time line for implementing the enhancements. Lee, as administrator, will oversee the site regarding member access. Bob will review other e-mail communication options that are available for the ONI members to use. Nick will send Chris additional pictures to upload to the site.

Upcoming Special Events: The PSNIC Picnic is scheduled for March 8, 2008 in Ruth Hardy Park. The PSNIC Picnic will require some detailed planning and Lee requested an official chair/co-chair to work with her. Lee plans to touch base with the fire department (Fish Fry Event) to help with an estimate of how much food to prepare. The Garden Tour, scheduled for April 12, 2008, is another ONI event in the planning stages. Each neighborhood will nominate 1-2 garden locations. The tour will start at the DWA office. This project also needs an official chair/co-chair to work with Lee.

Outreach: Lee has met with three neighborhoods that are interested in joining ONI. They include Mesa, Araby, and Racquet Club Estates. Lee mentioned that the City Council may nominate Ginny Foat to be our liaison, for future outreach. Bob requested that we gather a list of organizations that would be interested in hearing about ONI. It is important to reach out and have presentations about ONI to these organizations on a regular basis to encourage more neighborhoods in the City to organize. Bob has already done a successful presentation to the Palm Springs Board of Realtors.

New Ideas: David had a brief discussion about the Trader Joe Petition. David supported this same type of petition in the Long Beach area that was very successful. He is recommending that the ONI support this project and that each neighborhood reach out to their memberships to help collect 250 signatures for a total of 5,000 signatures needed. David met with the Mayor and John Raymond, the Economic Development director, who support this petition drive. The question of whether this type of retail project should be supported by ONI was brought up and will be discussed at the next ONI meeting.

Notes by Catherine Marcy