Meeting Minutes 2-18-08



18 FEBRUARY 2008

Chair Sheila Cobrin called the first meeting of this subcommittee to order at 3 p.m.

Also attending were Doug Donenfeld, Roxann Ploss, Ron Siegel and Dana Stewart.

The first order of business was to clarify the objectives of this committee. It was agreed that this was threefold:

1) To identify and promote sensitive solutions to ecological problems

2) To educate the public to the fact that individuals can make a difference

3) To promote "home ecology" and marketing of affordable products for same.

In discussing our goals and how they might be attained, we felt that we could

1) Organize a booth for the PSNIC picnic in May at which home products could be displayed/demonstrated

a) from SoCal Edison (including light bulbs, photovoltaic cells, etc.)

b) Desert Water Agency (automatic sensors for sprinklers, salt-water pools, etc.)

c) SoCal Gas (showerheads, energy saving literature)

d) PS Disposal Services (recycling, who picks up what, etc.)

e) Etc.

2) Organize an eco-summit with all of the above and more

3) Enumerate actual accomplishments in PS thusfar (we're at 50% recycling, etc.)

4) Research and disseminate information re: availability of these products.

5) Talk to the City about potential for recycling by-products to be used in building, etc.

We are reminded that the PUC has already stated that utility rates will triple in two years and that rebates for solar installations are, at this time, GONE after December of 2008 unless legislation is passed to extend the date.

Assignments were made for contacts re: picnic before the next meeting:

1) Sheila will contact SCE and Bill Gordon for product/info

2) Roxann will contact DWA and PSDS for information/demo products

3) Ron will look into other eco-friendly products

4) Dana will look into eco-friendly building products for large and small scale construction

5) Doug will look into agriculturally related products (composting, etc.)

The next meeting will be on March 18 @ 1 p.m. at the Pro-Active offices on Palm Canyon and Vista Chino.