Meeting Minutes 2-20-08



20 FEBRUARY 2008

Roxann Ploss called the lunch/meeting to order at noon. Also present were Ernie Etheridge, Ron and Barbara Marshall (Sunmor), Peter East and Ron Siegel (El Mirador), Mary Lou Feenstra (Old Movie Colony), Bill Markley (Ruth Hardy Park), Catherine Marcy (Warm Sands), Joy Smith (Racquet Club West) and Lee Husfeldt (City of Palm Springs).

Basically, the following information was shared:

1) the template for the "blades" or "toppers"

2) a list of colors which can be (but are not limited to) used

3) the cost of the blades

4) suggestions about fonts to be used

5) a sample created for El Mirador by Peter East

6) a city logo which can or can not be used, by choice

7) a sample application which will give the city all necessary information about your neighborhood's blades.

Each interested neighborhood is limited ONLY in its choice of template. There is one, which was designed by the City. Font, color choice(s), location, number, logo, etc. is up to each neighborhood. Ruth Hardy Park and Sunmor, as well as El Mirador, are a long way toward completion of their designs.

It was suggested that all neighborhoods have an area map of its streets with preferred locations for the blades (they do not have to be on every street or intersection) ready for the next meeting. 11 March at noon, Roxann's house (unless otherwise noted).

As neighborhoods progress, they will need:

1) a sample of their design

2) a marked map of their neighborhood

3) a completed application

It is also suggested, because computer print-out colors do not always ring "true", that you might staple color swatches to the application so as to avoid any miscommunication.

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DO THIS RIGHT NOW. Roxann will gather the samples that are ready, make folders for the ONI, City Hall and the City Council so that they can be presented. The concept has been verbally applauded but it has not yet been approved by the City so there is no pressure on every neighborhood to have this done "yesterday".

Sunmor also presented their story boards/samples of their monument sign. This is a ground level structure not appropriate to all neighborhoods; this works best when the area has a definite "entryway". They will be presenting this for City Council approval in the near future. Thanks for sharing, Ron and Barbara.