Meeting Minutes 6-10-07

Meeting Minutes of the ONI - Outreach & Education Committee 6-10-07:

Attending: Chair-April Hildner, Lee Husfeldt, Catherine Marcy, Jim Lundin, Paula Auburn

Meeting started at 3:00 pm and adjourned at 4:55 pm.

  1. CANDIDATE FORUM - sponsored by ONI; discussion to ensure the Forum is nonpartisan and fair to all.
    1. DATES: Others already scheduled - Democratic Club on 8-5-07; Chamber & The Desert Sun on 9-10-07; PS Hospitality Assoc. Forum 9-20-07; Main Street on 9-24-07; Tennis Club on 10-1-07
      1. Proposed ONI dates:  9-17-07 (too early); 10-8-07 or 10-9-07.
    2. PLACE:  Mizell if available
    3. MC:  Denys Arcuri, Legislative Analyst for Supervisor Roy Wilson or David Garcia
    4. BUDGET: to be determined; items include room rental + flyer copies + some postage for letters to candidates + pens and small note pads for candidates + a few bottles of water for MC and candidates
    5. PR:  news article/release, flyers for Norgs to distribute, Norg newsletters, community calendar, coverage of event

      TO DOs:
      to call Denys Arcuri about being the MC
      PAULA to check with Mizell on the dates; and contact Christine Hammond to serve a one of the "questions" collectors and processors
      CATHERINE & PAULA will be the Forum sub-subcommittee; other volunteers will be solicited at July 12 ONI meeting

  2. WEB SITE UPDATE - Newsletter Subscribe Page -Done; Newsletter Unsubscribe Page-Done; Event Calendar Group Administration Pages  -Almost done, working on bug; Community News Section  -Done, waiting for content from NORGS; Home Page Redesign    -Not yet started.  Discussion on other items wanted/would be nice (e.g. a weekly update section/whats'new, auto email update notices, track subscribers) versus the budget.  Lee reported the City is looking at creating a "standard" look for its web sites (City, Police, Arts, Library, etc).  Lee also has an example from Atlanta of a weekly "City News" email that contains links to information on a host website.

    TO DOs: 
    LEE get us the www on Atlanta; discuss technical issues with Chris Bricker. CATHERINE continue to work with Chris on design and implementation issues.

  3. HOA OUTREACH - Discussion on if and how HOAs should be part of ONI.  Some fear of dilution effect on Norgs due to high numbers of HOAs and some separate issues.  How would HOAs join? Which triggered a corollary question of how any current member remains a member (i.e. how does ONI know if members are still in compliance with requirements)?  Conclusion:  these are "policy" questions needing to be addressed by the policy committee.  No action taken.
  4. LEE'S NEW POSITION - Lee announced Cindy Uken will handle the Public Information component.  Lee primary focus will be on neighborhoods.  She ran through a very long list of what she wants to accomplish:  Review of Ordinance and a check ONI is in compliance; Citizens' College, Update maps, Foundations/grants, CERT, Neighborhood Watch, assess a way to better liaison with Council, etc.  (Whew!)  Her office will move into the Planning Department area.

    TO Dos:  PAULA find the web site for National Chamber's Leadership program.

  5. OTHER ITEMS - ONI Open House?  November?  Get our name out there, get visibility, venue for people to get ONI information.



TUESDAY, JULY 31     3:00 PM      Palm Springs Mall Food Court