Meeting Notes 2-5-2007

Notes of the Crime and Safety Subcommittee 2-05-2007: 
The meeting began at 1:00 PM at Sven’s home.  Those attending the meeting were:

  • Bob Mahlowitz  (Sunmor)
  • Nick Chicola  (Deepwell)
  • Jim Lundin  (Deepwell)
  • Dick Mandell  (Movie Colony)
  • Sven Holm  (HTCNO)
  • John Williams  (Las Palmas and Warm Sands)
  • Sheila Cobrin  (Vista Las Palmas)
  • Ernie Etheridge  (Sunmor)

Crime Statistics and Trends:
We discussed the statistics from the city’s web site. Sven reported that the city will soon be publishing the statistics for crime downtown as well as the rest of Palm springs.  We are curious if there is any data regarding time of day, days, and if there is any pattern in each neighborhood that burglaries occur.  Total Property Crimes in 2005 were down significantly from the previous 3 years.  In reviewing the Part I Crime date, June 30, 2006, year to date, it looks like our crime picture in 2006 will be similar to 2005. 

Deepwell Neighborhood Watch Program: 
Jim reported on the recent revival of their Neighborhood Watch efforts and gave the committee a short overview of their program.  Ernie and Bob explained the Neighborhood watch program in Sunmor.  The two are very different but both work well.

Homeless in Palm Springs: 
Sven reported that the Homeless Task Force just finished a retreat in order to find an identity.  It was decided at the retreat that they only work with issues in Palm Springs.  A committee of service providers and citizen representatives totaling 12 will constitute the new board.  Members can be added in the future if the board so desires.

Deepwell Crime Survey:
Nick Chicola from Deepwell described the administration of a crime and security questionnaire and reviewed the results.  He will present this in its entirety to the next ONI.  Nick has put a tremendous amountq of work into this project and is to be highly commended.

Neighborhood Watch and Home Security Presentations are available by contacting Leslie Cyphers at the Palm Springs Police Department.

An Emergency Preparedness Presentation is available by contacting John Hardcastle of the Palm Springs Fire Department.

Our committee strongly urges the respective Associations to view these presentations.

Bob Mahlowitz will query the ONI how many homes and hoe many members are in each of the ONI member associations and bring this to the next ONI meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:45 PM