Meeting Notes 6-15-06

Thanks to those of you that made it to the meeting yesterday.  I think we are off to a good start.  Below is a short recap from my notes of follow up action items:
Our strategy and mission is to gather detailed information.
At this time we need to start educating our neighborhoods.
    How to prevent false alarms.
    Report all crimes, no matter how small.
Nick Chicola will come up with a survey of what our neighborhoods feel are the biggest security threat.  He will work with us through email and have this ready for the next ONI meeting.
Bob Dickson will communicate with Dick and get more detailed statistics about:
    Are crimes higher on Thursday evenings?
    Are crimes higher next to homeless camps?
    Do most crimes occur during the day or night?
    What is the main cause of false alarms?
Bob  Maholowitz will contact the real estate board and make sure their agents are aware of any houses for sale that have alarms, and know how to operate them.
Bob Mahlowitz will also work with his neighbor and come up with a neighborhood watch plan that they use in their neighborhood.
Lee Hudsfeldt and I will contact the individual in the city that gathers the crime statistics and also try to get more details of types, how many individuals arrested, time of day, police response times to each etc.  Lee will also look at the budget for our city and see how much the police gets of the total budget.
Please weigh in if we had any other action items that I missed.
With this information it will be easier to determine a plan of action where we go from here.
Thanks again for your interest and work.
Cheers......................Sven Holm    206 940 1556