NIC Mission

City of Palm Springs Office of Neighborhood Involvement (ONI) Neighborhood Representatives Committee

Goals, Objectives and Policies

Section 1: Goals

The Palm Springs Neighborhood Involvement Committee (PSNIC) will supply a mechanism for two-way communication between the City of Palm Springs (City) and the Officially Recognized Neighborhood Organizations (ORNO). PSNIC will strive to improve the livability and character of the ORNO neighborhoods and the City as a whole and encourage direct participation and education of the City’s residents.

Section 2: Objectives

  1. PSNIC will strive to meet once a month to discuss and to reach consensus on issues that affect the ORNO neighborhoods and the City.
  2. PSNIC shall address areas of concerns that include, but are not limited to, development projects, public works projects that affect public access or use of public facilities, special events that may affect specific neighborhoods, the abatement of nuisances, public safety issues and the adoption of ordinances or regulations.
  3. PSNIC will foster a partnership of open communication between the City and the ORNO neighborhoods, encouraging cooperation and consensus.
  4. PSNIC will endeavor to enhance an environment in which the residents of ORNO neighborhoods are afforded an opportunity to participate in governmental decisions.
  5. Develop policies that help develop in the members of ORNO neighborhoods a sense of personal pride and responsibility for their neighborhoods and the City.
  6. Develop and approve by-laws for PSNIC.
  7. Work with the City Manager in submitting the semi-annual report on ONI to the City Council summarizing the perspectives of the PSNIC, evaluating whether the City has provided timely notice to PSNIC of City Actions and whether the City was Responsive to the PSNIC. PSNIC may also make recommendations to the City Manager to improve the City’s responsiveness and performance.
  8. Working with the ONI, develop a Neighborhood Empowerment Program which shall facilitate Neighborhood Watch programs, rapid response to public nuisance complaints, encourage volunteer participation in the City’s code enforcement and nuisance abatement program, identify “hot spots” needing attention and improvement strategies, and coordinate ‘participation by youth’ in neighborhood projects.

Section 3: Policies

  1. One Designated Neighborhood Representative from each ORNO will attend the regular monthly meeting.
  2. Each ORNO will also have an alternate Designated Neighborhood Representative.
  3. There is no limit on the number of ORNO members that can attend the PSNIC monthly meetings, but only the Designated Neighborhood Representative may vote.
  4. Each ORNO is entitled to one vote only.
  5. Monthly meeting dates will be set at the previous months meeting, but generally they shall occur at 9:30AM on the first Thursday of each month.
  6. Representative or residents of neighborhoods that have not been officially recognized by the City are welcome to attend the meetings but are not entitled to vote.
  7. PSNIC will elect a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary. The term of these officers will be for one year.
  8. The Chairperson will preside over the regular monthly meetings, assure the By-Laws are enforced, work and with the City Manager in preparing the semi-annual City Council report.
  9. The Vice Chairperson will assume the duties of Chairperson during any absence of the Chairperson.
  10. The Secretary will keep minutes of the meetings and inform the ORNO Designated Neighborhood Representatives of any change in upcoming meeting dates.
  11. ONIC will have no financial resources or expenses.