ONI Bylaws

Adopted February 9, 2006
Amended October 12, 2006

I. Definitions

  1. ONI” shall mean the Office of Neighborhood Involvement.
  2. “NOrg” shall mean a neighborhood organization that has been officially recognized by the City pursuant to Palm Springs Municipal Code, Section 2.55.
  3. “Official Representative” shall mean the individual identified pursuant to an NOrg’s  bylaws as the NOrg’s Official Representative to the ONI.
  4. “Official Alternate” shall mean the individual identified pursuant to an NOrg’s bylaws as  the NOrg’s Official Alternate to the ONI.
  5. To the extent any provision of these Bylaws conflicts with Palm Springs Municipal  Code, Section 2.55, the Municipal Code shall govern.


  1. Offices: The ONI shall be run by the following four officers to be elected pursuant to these bylaws:
    1. Chairperson
      The ONI Chairperson shall run all ONI meetings, develop meeting agenda with  concurrence of the other officers and lead ONI meetings with the City department  heads.
    2. Vice-Chairperson
      ONI Vice-Chairperson shall run ONI meetings in the absence of the Chairperson,  chair the ONI Neighborhood Outreach Subcommittee.
    3. Treasurer
      The ONI Treasurer shall run ONI meetings in the absence of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson and shall be responsible for proposing an annual (fiscal year: July1 through June 30) ONI budget and overseeing the finances of the ONI.
    4. Secretary
      The ONI Secretary shall run ONI meetings in the absence of the Chairperson,Vice-Chairperson and Treasurer, record and distribute minutes of meetings, keep the archives, and write necessary letters on behalf of the ONI.
  2. Qualifications and Election of Officers
    1. Any Elected NOrg  Representative or Alternate shall be eligible to serve as an ONI officer.
    2. An officer’s term shall run from January 1 to December 31 of each calendar year and elections shall be held for new officers each December.  An Officer’s term shall continue to run until it expires, even if their term as a NOrg Official Representative or Official Alternate shall expire during the Officer’s term.
    3. Officers may serve any number of terms.
    4. Two Officers may be elected from the same NOrg.
    5. Election of all ONI officers shall be made by majority vote at all times.

III. ONI Meetings

  1. Regular Meetings: There shall be twelve (12) ONI monthly meetings per year unless  otherwise decided by vote of the ONI to occur on the second Thursday of each month  prior to the City Department Head’s meeting.
  2. Special Meetings: A majority of the Officers may call a special meeting of the ONI upon reasonable notice to the Official Representative and  Official Alternate of all NOrgs.
  3. Quorum: A quorum must be present at all ONI meetings, whether regular or special  meetings.  A quorum shall consist of at least 51 percent of all officially recognized NOrgs.
  4. Agenda:  Agenda for regularly-scheduled ONI meetings shall be prepared according to  the following rules:
    1. Agenda items and matters to be presented at the City Department Heads Meeting shall be submitted to the Chairperson by the Friday before the next ONI meeting.
    2. The Chairperson shall circulate a proposed agenda by the Tuesday before the next ONI meeting to the other officers.  Any disputes among the officers regarding a proposed agenda shall be determined by a majority vote of the officers and such a dispute may be revisited at the next scheduled ONI meeting by the entire ONI.
    3. A proposed agenda shall be circulated to the Official Representative of each NOrg and may be circulated to others.
    4. All existing subcommittees shall report on their activities at each regular meeting of the ONI as part of the agenda.
    5. Any member may make a motion to table a discussion until a later date and the Chair will entertain said motion and discussion thereof.
  5. Rules of Order: The ONI Chairperson shall conduct meetings in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order.
  6. Participation: Official Representatives and Official Alternates may speak at any ONI meeting and others may participate during the public comment portion of meetings.
  7. Public Comment: At the beginning of each regularly-scheduled ONI meeting, ten minutes will be allowed for Public Comment.  The Public Comment period shall be governed by the following rules:
    1. Persons who reside within a NOrg shall be encouraged to have their official representative address the ONI about all matters
    2. Disputes between NOrgs or among residents of NOrgs may be referred to an ONI subcommittee for mediation rather than public comment;
    3. Comments from any member of the public may be limited for time considerations as determined by the ONI officers.
    4. Official Representatives or Official Alternates shall not utilize the Public Comment period of ONI meetings to raise issues.
    5. If a person who does not reside within a NOrg wishes to speak at an ONI meeting, it is suggested that the person make his or her intention to speak known to the ONI Chairperson by or before the Friday before the next regular meeting of the ONI although ONI Officers will attempt to accommodate persons who appear at ONI meetings without advance notice.
  8. Department Heads Meeting: Following each regular monthly ONI meeting, if the City Department Heads meet with the ONI, the ONI Chairperson shall lead the ONI during such joint meetings pursuant to the following rules:
    1. The ONI Chairperson shall try to present all matters of ONI general concern to the Department Heads;
    2. Each NOrg shall be entitled to address the Department Heads but not for more than that NOrg’s proportionate share of time at the Department Heads Meeting. Proportionate time shares are to be determined based on the number of NOrgs present and the time available at the Department Head’s Meeting.
    3. Prior to the Friday before a regular ONI meeting, each NOrg shall inform the ONI Chairperson of whether or not it intends to address the Department Heads at the next meeting.  Any Norg that wishes more than its proportionate time share at the Department Heads meeting shall request additional time from the ONI Chairperson prior to the Friday before a regular ONI meeting and the Chairperson will attempt to accommodate that request.

IV. Voting

  1. NOrg Right to Vote: Every NOrg shall be entitled to one vote on any motion made at an ONI meeting.  A neighborhood organization that is not officially recognized by the City pursuant to Palm Springs Municipal Code, Section 2.55, may not vote or speak at an ONI meeting outside of the public comment period.  The Officers may allow for participation at ONI meetings by unofficial neighborhood organizations although unofficial neighborhood organizations shall not have any voting rights at ONI meetings.
  2. Casting of Votes: The vote of a NOrg shall be cast by the Official Representative or, if the Official Representative is not present, by the Alternate.  Should neither the Official  Representative or Alternate of an NOrg be present or able to vote, the NOrg may designate a Substitute Representative from the NOrg to vote at an ONI meeting by  sending notice to the ONI Chair prior to the meeting at which the Substitute Representative is to participate.
  3. Making and Seconding Motions: Motions may be made by an Official Representative or Official Alternate.   Motions may be seconded only by an Official Representative.
  4. Procedural Motions: Procedural motions shall be approved by a majority vote of the NOrgs present at an ONI meeting.  No tie-breaking mechanism shall exist to resolve a tied vote of the ONI.
  5. Substantive Motions: Substantive motions shall be approved by a 2/3 vote of the NOrgs present at an ONI meeting.
  6. Determining Substantive vs. Procedural: Other than the election of ONI officers, a one third vote of the ONI can require that any motion be treated as Substantive, subject to a 2/3 approval.
  7. Bylaw Adoption and Amendment: Adoption of and amendment of these bylaws shall be made by a 2/3 vote of all Norgs in existence at the time of the vote.
  8. Referring to Subcommittee: If a Motion fails to pass, the Chairperson may refer the  subject of the motion to be considered by an existing ONI committee or may appoint a  new committee to address the matter.  In either case, the subcommittee shall make a report and recommendations on the matter at the next meeting of the ONI.
  9. Conflict of Interest:  An Official Representative or Official Alternate shall avoid voting on matters in which he or she has a personal conflict of interest.  Should both the Representative and the Alternate of a NOrg have a conflict of interest on a particular issue, the NOrg may designate a Substitute Representative of the NOrg to vote for the  NOrg regarding that issue.

V. ONI Committees

  1. Creation: The Chairperson or the ONI as a whole may create new committees to address issues and may refer matters to existing committees.
  2. Purpose: The purpose of ONI committees is to make recommendations to the ONI regarding the subject matter regarding which the committee was created.
  3. Term: Once created, a committee shall exist until the ONI votes to dissolve it.
  4. Neighborhood Outreach: A Neighborhood Outreach Committee shall exist at all times tasked, among other things, with assisting new neighborhood organizations to form and become officially recognized by the City pursuant to Palm Springs Municipal Code, Section 2.55.
  5. Chairs: Every ONI committee or subcommittee must be chaired by an Official Representative or Official Alternate.
  6. Membership: Anyone may serve as a member of an ONI committee.
  7. Reporting: The chair of a committee will report back to full body of ONI at each ONI meeting about the committee’s determinations and activities regardless of whether the committee could reach a consensus on the issue(s) before the committee.