Outreach and Education

Mission Statement:

The purpose of this subcommittee is to build awareness of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement and support its mission by creating and implementing community outreach and education programs and strategies.

Outreach Strategies:

  • Develop an independent ONI website that
    • Explains and promotes ONI and its mission, explains its organizational structure, provides records of agendas and meeting minutes, and contact information for staff, steering committee officers, and sub-committee chairs.
    • Encourages and facilitates the formation of new neighborhood organizations by providing an on-line organization-building tool kit;
    • Strengthens neighborhood organizations by providing
      • A collaborative forum for exchanging ideas and experiences;
      • Educational resources; and
      • Opportunities to promote and celebrate neighborhood successes.
    • Strengthens Citizen involvement in civic affairs by
      • Disseminating information;
      • Linking citizens to their neighborhood organization;
      • Promoting opportunities for involvement; and
      • Linking citizens to City and other civic websites.
  • Develop, update and distribute to ONI members, new resident welcome packets. The purpose of this program is to foster recognition and understanding of ONI and Neighborhood Organizations. It provides a way for neighborhood organizations to welcome residents to their neighborhood, present them with information about their neighborhood organization, and help them become acquainted with Palm Springs.
  • Assist residents with forming new neighborhood organizations by
    • Developing a neighborhood organizing tool kit that includes
      • Templates and application forms;
      • Explanation of requirements; and
      • A step by step process for establishing a neighborhood organization.
    • Encouraging a buddy system so that established NOrgs assist new Norgs during the start up process.
  • Identify source/methodology for generating and updating neighborhood database or mailing lists.
  • Serve as the ONI public relations team by
    • Writing, submitting and tracking press releases;
    • Developing relationships with members of the press;
    • Encouraging and/or assisting members to write editorials and letters to the editor that inform, celebrate an accomplishment, or promote a position in civic affairs;
    • Submitting Neighborhood Meeting notices to Community Calendar section of Desert Sun
    • Investigate the potential of a future weekly Neighborhood News section in the Desert Sun, that includes a calendar of events, volunteer opportunities, feature articles that enhance quality of life, such as neighborhood watch programs, crime prevention/awareness, disaster preparedness, being a good neighbor, build community in your neighborhood, handling a troublesome neighbor…
  • Building better lines of communication between citizens and city government.
    • Facilitate relations with Mayor and City Council Members
    • Develop communication protocols with Staff, and identify processes to effectively problem-solve neighborhood issues (added 4.14.06)

Education Strategies:

  • Identify and organize seminars and workshops on topics helpful to maintaining a strong neighborhood organization;
  • Organize a Neighborhood Fair and Expo that strengthens neighborhood organizations, builds community between neighborhoods, and presents products, services and special seminars on topics related to quality of life, e.g., safety, home maintenance, landscaping, etc.
  • Organize a Citizens Academy: City Government 101 to educate citizens on various aspects of City governance – including departmental responsibilities, budgeting, processes, procedures, goals, constraints – holisitic view to created an informed citizenry.
  • Bring neighborhood leadership together with elected officials in tri-annual forum to discuss issues of concern or interest to all.

Committee Chair

Bob Mahlowitz

New Committee Members

Welcom Nick Chicola from the Deepwell neighborhood

Submitted by:

April Hildner, O&E Subcommittee Chair, Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood Organization
Paula Auburn, Sunrise Vista Chino Neighborhood Coalition
Lee Husfeldt, City of Palm Springs
Catherine Marcy, Warm Sands Neighborhood Organization