PSNIC Mintues 08-01-10

10 JANUARY 2008

Chair John Williams called the meeting to order at 8:31am. The following were present or absent.

Baristo Old Las Palmas

David Carden (Rep) - Present John Williams (Rep) - Present

Gary Wilson (Alt) - Present Doug Donenfeld (Alt) - Present

Bel Desierto Racquet Club West

Ron Siegel (Rep) - Absent Joy Smith (Rep) - Present

Roxann Ploss (Alt) - Present Don Soja (Alt) - Present

Chino Canyon Ruth Hardy Park

Dean Carlson (Rep) - Present Jim Franklin (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Bill Markley (Alt) - Present

Deepwell Estates Sunmor

James Lundin (Rep)-Present Bob Mahlowitz (Rep) - Present

Nick Chicola (Alt)-Present Rick Boen (Alt) - Absent

Desert Highlands Estates Sunrise Vista Chino

Angie Patrick (Rep)-Absent Paula Auburn (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Ted Telford (Alt) - Absent

Desert Park Estates Tahquitz River Estates

Dave Shelep (Rep)-Present Paul Crippan (Rep) - Absent

Dana Stewart (Alt)-Present Jay Gustafson (Alt) - Absent

Historic Tennis Club Vista Las Palmas

Gene Dippel (Rep)-Present Sheila Cobrin (Rep)-Present

Sven Holm (Alt)-Present Mike Marler (Alt) - Absent

Movie Colony Warm Sands

Dick Mandell (Rep)-Present Catherine Marcy (Rep) - Present

Arlene Battishill (Alt)-Absent William Post (Alt) - Present

The City of Palm Springs

David Ready - Present

Lee Husfeldt - Present

Arby Cove Racquet Club South

Patrick Jordan -Absent Aileen Fields - Present

Escena Member At Large

Daryl Zacharko - Absent April Hildner - Absent

HOA President's Council Others Present in the Audience

Sharon Lock - Absent Dr. Jane Cowles Smith, Movie Colony

Vic Gainer - Present Mark Davis, Baristo

Mesa Ernie Etheridge, Sunmor

Tom DeWitt - Absent Stefanie Frith, The Desert Sun

Mountain Gate Barbara Marshall, Sunmor

Richard Giesen - Absent

Sheila Cobrin moved and Dick Mandell seconded a motion to approve minutes of the December 13, 2007 meeting. They were approved by a vote of 12 yeas, 0 nays and 2 abstentions.

1. Requests for Lee Husfeldt.

According to the ONI ordinance, each neighborhood organization (Norg) is required to submit membership lists and meeting minutes within 30 days of their annual meeting. Membership lists are to include last name and street name of each member. Most neighborhoods have complied. Lee will email those who have documents to submit.

John requested that Lee produce a report to show the number of members in each Norg.

2. Code Enforcement Committee Report.

There was no report on code enforcement.  David Ready updated the committee on the Vacation Rental Ordinance. He said the ordinance would be back to the ONI and Vacation Rental Committees in two weeks. At that time he will set up a meeting with the two committees.

3. Communications and Outreach Committee.

Catherine Marcy reported, Chris Bricker, our webmaster, released web site statistics to the committee.  It was noted that the website has been getting 8,000 to 10,000 hits per month or over 100,000 per year. These hits include 1,105 unique visitors per month or over 13,000 unique visitors per year.

The committee has been working on enhancements to the website. Enhancements include drop down menus, an email system, an online archive and a way to upload archived documents. A cost estimate for these enhancements will be available in two weeks.  Catherine requested that all ONI committees send her their meeting minutes.

Bob Mahlowitz noted that this committee is responsible for planning the ONI picnic to be held at Ruth Hardy Park on Saturday, March 8th. Bob asked for volunteers to help with this event.

Lee reported on Outreach. She has been working with Desert Highland Estates on their bylaws. There will be a meeting with Desert Highland Estates on Saturday, February 12th at 7pm. There has been continued progress with Arby Cove, Mesa and Escena.  Two other groups, Racquet Club Estates and Racquet Club South, are interested in forming neighborhood organizations.

Historic Tennis Club will be hosting "Tour de Jazz" during the "Tour de Palm Springs" on Saturday, February 9th. "Tour de Jazz" will include performances by high school bands.

A "pocket park" is planned for an area near Gene Aurty Trail and Vista Chino. A meeting will be held Friday, January 11 in the large conference room 2pm until 5pm.

Lee has requested contact information for HOA Presidents. Contacting HOA Presidents will be part of Outreach.

Lee was prepared to show a video about the Tahquitz Creek project. The committee opted to watch it at the end of the meeting if time permitted.

John asked Lee to send out another press release regarding the web site. He also asked committee members visit the web site and recommend changes.

Bob asked all members to consider an ONI presentation to their social and/or religious group as a way to outreach to the community.

Nick Chicola asked all Norgs to submit pictures of neighborhood events for the web site.

4. Neighborhood Character Committee.

Dr. Jane Cowles Smith spoke about a "dangerous situation" that exists on the southern border of the Movie Colony neighborhood and "behind the Spanish Inn". The new "curbs," which were intended for traffic calming, pose a dangerous situation according to Dr. Cowles Smith. For one, many residents tell her they cannot get out of their driveways. She also feels it will be difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate these streets.

David Ready offered to invite Dave Barakian, City of Palm Springs, Director of Public Works/City Engineer, to the current meeting or the next ONI committee meeting. The offer was not accepted.

Roxann Ploss, committee chair, has investigated this curbing.

John asked all committee members to visit the area to get a better idea of this site and the concern.

Street Sign Blades and Monuments -
Roxann has met with Dave Barakian and Craig Ewing, City of Palm Springs, Director of Planning Services, regarding the sign blades and monuments. It was determined that the neighborhood monuments must go before City Council.

A template of the sign blade was distributed (Addendum A). This was designed by Richard Jenkins, City of Palm Springs, Engineering Assistant. There was discussion regarding the choices of blade color, logo, placement and financing. David Carden expressed a desire to get a consensus on some of these characteristic.

Bob moved and Roxann seconded a motion to allow the neighborhood organizations pick the color of their sign blade. The motion passed unanimously.

Roxann moved and Dana Stewart seconded a motion to have the neighborhood organizations pick either the city of Palm Springs logo or their neighborhood organization logo. The motion passed unanimously.

Roxann will discuss with Dave Barakian the cost of having these signs on neighborhood borders versus throughout the neighborhood.

Roxann will also revisit and redefine neighborhood overlay zones at the next Neighborhood Character meeting. Meeting time and date to be announced.

5. Crime and Safety Committee.

Sven Holm reported the December meeting was cancelled. The next meeting will be held January 15th at 3pm in the Police Training Center. He is inviting the new Police Chief to attend the next committee meeting.

The committee continues to work with the Police Department on a more detailed home burglary report. There is also the desire to reactivate the crime survey to see how neighborhoods compare to the previous year.

Sven would also like to see an assessment of Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training within the neighborhoods. Historic Tennis Club is sponsoring a program to introduce their residents to CERT. There are also two upcoming CERT programs available to residents. A three day program is available at the end of January and a five night program will be available in February.

6. Neighborhood Action Plan.

Gene Dippel reported that David Ready has reviewed and approved the Neighborhood Action Plan. The Neighborhood Action Plan is voluntary and may take up to one year for a Norg to develop. Deepwell and Historic Tennis Club have begun the Neighborhood Action Plan process and may serve as an example for the rest of the Norgs.

7. Financial Committee.

Jim Lundin reported that no one attended the last committee meeting. At the beginning of the year the account had a balance of $8,384. $440 has been committed to the website and a total of $500 has been committed to Chino Canyon and Movie Colony for neighborhood watch signs. This leaves $7,454 remaining for the fiscal year.

The ONI picnic will be a future financial obligation. Several ideas to estimate the cost of the picnic were discussed. Lee estimated 175 people might attend.

Sheila Cobrin proposed the idea of setting $250 aside for sign blades for each neighborhood, however no one made a motion.

8. Other Items

Trader Joe's petition drive. David Carden distributed a three-page packet entitled, "Trader Joe's Grass-roots petition drive 2008" (Addendum B). David reviewed some history of this company. He also stated that Mayor Steve Pougnet felt the ONI Committee would be a good place for the petition to start.

David moved and Paula seconded a motion that the ONI Committee support the "Trader Joe's Grass-roots petition drive 2008". The motion passed with 12 yeas, 1 nay and 1 abstention.

On a related issue, David reported that John Raymond, City of Palm Springs, Director of Economic and Community Development, would like to see a community "wish list" of stores and companies that would be desired in the city.

Desert Water Agency desert landscaping proposal.

Vic Gainer, Chair of President's HOA Council, stated that his committee met to work on a testimony to the Desert Water Agency (DWA). Addendum C is the two-page testimony to be presented to DWA. There was some discussion about DWA's reserve dollars, the cost to convert to desertscape and the benefits.

Dana moved and Sheila seconded a motion to endorse the desert-landscaping proposal.

The motion passed unanimously. It was also decided that Sheila, Bob and Roxann would attend the DWA meeting as ONI representatives.

Signature Air Terminal -

Bob invited Norgs and HOA's in the area of the airport to discuss noise. Vic stated that he knew of four HOAs that were concerned with the noise coming from the airport.

Should ONIC Committees keep meeting minutes?

It was decided by consensus that each sub committee will take minutes and forward them to Lee.

9. Dates for your calendar.

ONIC Picnic at Ruth Hardy Park will be March 8th, Vista Las Palmas Garden Walk will be March 23rd, Deepwell "Behind the Walls" walk will be March 29th and the ONIC Garden Walk will be April 12th.

10. ONIC Retreat Saturday, February 9th.

The retreat will be held at the Police Training Center, room 101A. Representatives and alternates are invited to attend. It was agreed the meeting time be changed to start at 9am and end by 3pm. Lunch will be provided by the city. Lunch menus from Aspen Mills were distributed (Addendum D).

The following issues were discussed to determine whether the issue deserves more time at the retreat. Each issue below will be included in the retreat program except, "budget  and plan for expenses."

-Committee realignment and new committees
-Second Vice-Chair position
-Mission Statement
    Secretary will email Mission Statement to all committee members.
-Successes this past year
-Prioritize Neighborhood Concerns
    Lee will have copies of each Norg's top five priorities.
-Budget and plan for expenses
    It was decided not to include this item.
-Clear definitions of Norg membership
    Each Norg is requested to have bylaws at retreat.
    Create uniform criteria for membership.
-Change NIC meeting time
-Rep and/or Alternate at ONIC meetings
-Bylaws change - ONIC officers to step down if running for office
    The Police Advisory Board is considering this bylaw change.
-Representation at City Council meetings and methodology to bring issues to Council
    How to better liaison with the City Council?
    Define job descriptions of NIC officers.
-Neighborhood promotion of CERT, COP, Citizens Police Academy, etc.
-NIC review of major proposed projects
    Committee should have prior notice of major projects.
-Insurance and liability issues
-Specific Action Plans for 2008
-Should Norgs have a trial period before joining the Committee?
-Should subcommittee members attend other subcommittee meetings?

Meeting adjourned at 10:31am.

Summary of Action Items

Lee Husfeldt

Produce a report to show number of members in each Norg.
Send out a press release about the Palm Springs neighborhoods website.
Have each Norg's top 5 priorities available at the retreat.

Roxann Ploss

Get cost estimate for blade street signs.
Announce time and date of next Neighborhood Character meeting.
Email Form 1010 to committee members.

William Post

Email current NIC Mission Statement to committee members.

David Ready

Set up a meeting to discuss Vacation Rental Ordinance with ONI and Vacation Rental Committees.

ONI Subcommittee Chairs

Send Catherine Marcy subcommittee meeting minutes for the website

All ONI Committee Members (where applicable)

Volunteer for the ONI Picnic. Contact Bob to volunteer.
Send Lee contact information for HOA Presidents in your area.
Visit the Palm Springs neighborhoods website and recommend changes.
Consider an ONI presentation at your local social or religious group.
Submit neighborhood event pictures for website.
Visit the area "behind the Spanish Inn" and investigate new curbs.
Bring your Norg bylaws to retreat.
Contact Bob if you are concerned about Airport noise.

Next meeting will be Thursday, February 14, 2008 at 8:30am in the Large Conference Room at City Hall.

Respectfully Submitted,

William Post