PSNIC Mintues 08-05-08

08 MAY 2008

Chair John Williams called the meeting to order at 8:30am. The following were noted present or absent.

Araby Cove Movie Colony

Patrick Jordan (Rep) - Present Dick Mandell (Rep) - Present

Linda Ragin (Alt) - Absent Arlene Battishill (Alt) - Absent

Baristo Old Las Palmas

David Carden (Rep) - Present John Williams (Rep) - Present

Gary Wilson (Alt) - Present Doug Donenfeld (Alt) - Present

Chino Canyon Racquet Club West

Dean Carlson (Rep) - Present Joy Smith (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Don Soja (Alt) - Present

Deepwell Estates Ruth Hardy Park

James Lundin (Rep) - Present Jim Franklin (Rep) - Present

Diane Ross (Alt) - Present Bill Markley (Alt) - Present

Desert Highlands Estates Sunmor

Angie Patrick (Rep)- Absent Bob Mahlowitz (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Ernie Etheridge (Alt) - Present

Desert Park Estates Sunrise Vista Chino

Dave Shelep (Rep)- Present Paula Auburn (Rep) - Present

Dana Stewart (Alt)- Absent Thomas Van Etten (Alt) - Present

El Mirador Tahquitz River Estates

Ron Siegel (Rep) - Present Paul Crippan (Rep) - Absent

Roxann Ploss (Alt) - Present Jay Gustafson (Alt) - Absent

Historic Tennis Club Vista Las Palmas

Gene Dippel (Rep)- Present Sheila Cobrin (Rep) - Present

Sven Holm (Alt)- Absent Raymond Manci (Alt) - Present

The Mesa Warm Sands

Tom DeWitt (Rep) - Absent Open (Rep) -

Rosemarie Vacano (Alt) - Absent Bill Post (Alt) - Present

DeMuth Park West The City of Palm Springs

Robert Stone - Absent Lee Husfeldt - Present

Carol Haskell - Present

Escena Others Present in the Audience

Daryl Zacharko - Absent Armando Rancano - Deepwell Estates

Mountain Gate Nick Chicola - Deepwell Estates

Richard Gieson - Absent Edward Sabie - DeMuth Park West

Racquet Club Estates Patricia Lopez - Desert Vista

Timm Fryman - Absent Stefanie Firth - The Desert Sun

Diane McMillan - Absent

Racquet Club South

Aileen Fields - Absent

HOA Presidents' Council

Sharon Lock (Rep) - Absent

Vic Gainer (Alt) - Present


1. Public Comments

Nick Chicola - Nick discussed the idea of celebrating the successes of PSNIC members.  He began with Sven Holm and thanked him for his work with the crime and safety video.  He then thanked Sheila Cobrin for organizing her neighborhood's garden tour and her success with stopping delivery of the Palm Springs Sun. He thanked David Carden Jr. for his success with the Trader Joe's petition.  Nick also mentioned the committee could do a better job of recognizing when people resign from PSNIC.  He mentioned Catherine Marcy has resigned and thanked her for her work on the web site.

Vic Gainer - Vic said the HOA Presidents' Council met on Tuesday. He reported 103 HOA's in this group. A large big part of their meeting was discussing the Desert Water Agency plan to increase rates. Vic asked for a show of hands of members that turned in the green ballot to oppose the rate increase. He noted that less than fifty percent of the PSNIC group mailed in the ballot. He expressed the need to let more people know about opposing the increase.

2 Approval of April Minutes

Sheila made and Joy Smith seconded a motion to approve the minutes. The vote was unanimous.

3. Financial Report and Financial Committee Report - David

David reported $4,517.82 left for this fiscal year. He said most of these funds have been earmarked for approved expenses. Our fiscal year ends in June. 

David would like to see five people serve on the Finance Committee. David will be the Chair and he is looking for four others to attend regular Finance Committee meetings.  Finance Committee meetings will be every other month on even numbered months. There was some discussion about whether we would need to change the bylaws in order to have another standing committee. 

Paula Auburn made and Jim Lundin seconded a motion to allow for the standing committee. There were 14 yeas, 1 no, and no abstentions.  David would meet with the Palm Springs Finance Director to discuss the non-profit status of the NOrgs.

He reviewed the expense reimbursement procedure.

David is also working with OfficeMax in an effort to get all NOrgs a discount on printing rates.

-Budget for 2008 - 2009

The proposed budget for fiscal year 2008-09 was distributed (Addendum A). We have requested $18,780 for next fiscal year. $5,730 will be for web site hosting, printing, new NOrg recruitment mailing, a portable display, and leadership training.

$7,550 will be budgeted for events with the majority going to the picnic. David noted that we would have a budget line for the candidate forum and sub-committee expenses, however no request for funds this year. David would also like to increase the allotment to NOrgs to $300. He will contact City Council and thank them for their support.

4. Lee Husfeldt Report

-New and forming NOrgs

Racquet Club Estates is close to formation. They are 540 homes organizing around an architectural design. Lee Husfeldt distributed a map of their boundaries (Addendum B).  It was noted their boundaries create an odd shape. The reason for the odd shape was they are bordered by several HOAs. These borders cut out the HOAs.

There was some discussion about holes that are created in the neighborhoods map when a NOrg sets up borders like this. Some in the group focused on the ten homes that are on the south side of San Rafael. They were not included because they did not meet the architectural similarities that make up this NOrg. Patrick Jordan said his NOrg had the same issue and the result was to add the residents anyway.

Bob Mahlowitz made and Patrick seconded a motion to approve the boundaries subject to Racquet Club Estates adding the 10 homes on San Rafael. There were 13 yeas, 2 nays and no abstentions.

We currently have five organizations in various stages of formation. Our total NOrg count will be 22 once these five organize. 22 NOrgs is our goal for 2008.

5. Procedural Committee Report - Officers

-We should have an August meeting.

-Vote on changing meeting times - final resolution

Show of hands revealed the majority approved of the 8:30am start time for the PSNIC meeting.

6. Organizational Support Committee Report - Jim and Gene

Gene Dippel reported that he has eleven people on this committee. They have met eight times and have had full attendance most times. 

The next step for Organization Building is to present the plan to the PSNIC officers and get their input. They will then present to the entire community.

7. Outreach Committee Report - Bob

-PSNIC Picnic report and volunteer commitment

Bob reported the picnic would be held this Saturday from 11am to 2pm. He asked all NOrgs notify their neighbors. All but three NOrgs have volunteered to help with the event.

8. Communications Committee Report - Bill

-Website changes, development, and contacts - five minutes

Bill Post thanked Catherine Marcy for all her work with the neighborhoods web site. He also said the idea of thanking people came up during our last communications meeting.  The committee would like to have a place on the agenda to thank PSNIC members for accomplishments.

Bill asked each PSNIC member to go through the neighborhoods website, identify outdated material and update it.

We also discussed the need to update the subcommittee pages. Some descriptions of the subcommittees are specific to the work they are currently doing. The Communications Committee would like the subcommittees to come up with more broad definitions for the web site.

Bill announced Nick has volunteered to be our web site editor for the next four months. 

Bill said the Communications Committee thought it would be a good idea to have a donation jar at the picnic. Some NOrgs find this method of fundraising successful.  There was some discussion that resulted in the committee not accepting this idea. 

We discussed the following goals for 2008: Organizational Chart, Orientation Packet for new NOrgs, investigate the idea of companies underwriting some of our events and to communicate member successes.

-Developer Dialogue Sub-committee report - ten minutes

The overall goal of the developer dialogue sub-committee is to find a way to get early notification of development. Nick, Paula Auburn, Thomas Van Etten and Lee met with Craig Ewing, Director of Planning Services to discuss developer dialogue. The committee is working on a sign to place in front of a property that is about to be developed/redeveloped. This sign will have all the contact and development information on it.

Another issue discussed with Craig was how many residents a NOrg member represents.  The city would like to know that a NOrg member is representing the views of the neighborhood when they attend a meeting in support or against an issue.

Sheila said the developer has to meet with the neighbors currently. Every resident within 300 feet on fee land and 500 feet on tribal land must be notified about development.  Paula said they've talked with Craig about all notification to be within a radius of 500 feet. There was some question as to whether meeting with NOrgs was mandatory.

John would like the committee to find out what's happening with current development projects. He also felt that the committee should investigate Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits given to developers. These credits are given to developers who meet with neighborhoods, and include traffic improvements to their projects.

Notification of variances was also discussed. We would like to be notified when a development project has been awarded a variance. At times the approved development is different because there was a variance awarded in the development process. Paula said Craig has the same concerns with variances.

9. Code Enforcement Committee Report - Ron

-Final version of Vacation Rental Ordinance

A copy of the Vacation Rental Ordinance was made available yesterday at 3pm. Ron was not prepared to discuss it but would discuss it at his Code Compliance meeting on Monday.

David Ready, City Manager joined the group to explain the goals of the ordinance. The regulation is more stringent in David's view. We wanted to balance property rights and everyone's enjoyment of their property.

Event houses will not be subject to TOT. The only financial benefit to the city will be the permit fee.

Then Doug Holland, City Attorney joined us. Doug said we attempted to address a number of issues and a number of concerns. We broke out the event houses because in many cases the guests do not stay overnight. We didn't expect full support but we wanted to create something that all parties could acquiesce to.

There was a question about event house owners applying once a year versus applying on an event-to-event basis. Doug said the feeling was if staff looked at each event it might create a nightmare. Applying once a year was favored.

Sheila asked if the property owner or the event planner would have to apply for the permit. Doug responded, if the owner has an agency or representative then they could take out the permit. The ordinance was written to put the onus on the owner.

Bob said the ordinance is written so that it only applies to people who make money renting out their house for a party. Personal parties do not fall under this ordinance. John asked about charitable events at houses. Charitable events do not fall under this ordinance unless the host is making money from the event.

There was a question about parking. Doug said the person applying for the permit would have to disclose the event, times and parking. These issues will be known upfront. The event must follow the parking plan or be fined. Generally speaking the city doesn't regulate parking unless it's a painted curb or sign. If it's legal parking then event attendees may park.

Sheila asked how we would know the event planner notified neighbors within the 300- foot radius? Part of the application process will be to submit the notice given to neighbors and a list of neighbors that were notified. The application will not be approved unless they can produce these two items.

The public will be able to check with city once an application has been approved. The application will be public information.

One thing not in the ordinance is a contact number for the event. We would like the opportunity to call the event planner not the police when there is a disturbance. Bob said it's not like a small hotel or an inn where you can call the front desk. One PSNIC member, at our last meeting, made us aware of a phone number residents may call if there is a disturbance with a vacation rental.

John thanked David and Doug for their hard work on this ordinance. Copies of the ordinance were made available in the back of the room at the end of the meeting.

The next code compliance meeting will be Monday at 1pm in the large conference room. The VRO will be discussed.

Council will review the VRO at the next study session planned for May 21st. Ron would like to see people with rental problems attend that meeting.

10. Crime and Safety Committee - Sven

-Neighborhood Watch Academy

Jim gave the report in Sven's absence. Jim said the committee continued to discuss the Neighborhood Watch Academy, graffiti, traffic and shopping carts at the last meeting. The next meeting will be held on May 20th at 3pm in the Police Training Center.

11. Neighborhood Character Committee Report - Roxann

Roxann has completed the proposal of the blade sign. It is now in Lee's hands to propose to council. The presentation to City Council will be on May 14th.

The committee is going to re-approach the overlay zones.

Roxann brought up the conditions of the Palm Springs Country Club. She said, that property is dying and there are some older original owners who are experiencing health problems. Roxann said she is willing to take major problems like this to Don Duckworth, Director of Building and Safety.

12. Ecology Committee Report - Sheila

This committee has been working on the PSNIC picnic. They will discuss ideas to encourage neighborhood recycling.

13. Old Business

-Palm Springs Stadium event plans

David's Baristo neighborhood and Sharon Heider will meet next week to discuss Baristo's concern with stadium events. PSNIC members are invited to attend.

14. New Business

-Review of 2008 Goals - John would like to review our 2008 goals at the July PSNIC meeting. We will make adjustments to current goals and maybe add some goals.

-Commercial Car Washing on City streets - David said commercial car washing on city streets in the Baristo neighborhood is an ongoing problem. The car washers start early in the morning and this is a nuisance to neighbors. Joy Smith said she also experiences this in her neighborhood. This issue has been referred to the Code Enforcement Committee.

-Desert Water Agency rate increases

Bob would like the PSNIC group take a stand and comment on the water rate increase.  He reminded the group that if less than 50% do not return the green ballot the rate increase passes. According to Bob there is no public information about why they proposed this rate increase.

Bob made and Sheila seconded a motion to authorize PSNIC officers to ask the city council to take a position on the rate increase this issue in person and by letter. The vote was unanimous.

-Real Estate signs taken by the City

Jim Franklin reported that there is a separate sign ordinance for real estate signs. He suggested that PSNIC take the leadership and revise the sign ordinance. The open house and foreclosure signs are being taken.

Other types of temporary signs were discussed. A shutter company, construction company signs and a junk hauler were mentioned. These signs are similar to the real estate signs however are not being taken by code compliance. This was referred to the Code Compliance Committee.

-Lighting options and free installation of exterior lights

David reported on a program that has been successful in the Baristo neighborhood. They call the program, "Lights On, Crime Out." The Baristo neighborhood gives out energy saving light bulbs to residents that will keep the lights on at night. David would like to expand this program throughout the city. David reported that he purchased 200 light bulbs for $50.00 at Ralph's grocery store. John suggested this idea go to the Ecology Committee.

-Contact Number Cards for NOrgs

John would like to make the contact card that has been developed by several NOrgs, available to all NOrgs. This contact card will have an important phone number list for easy reference. The communications committee will begin work on this idea. The idea of a refrigerator magnet as well as a company underwrite was mentioned. David will also help with this idea.

15. Adjourn

John made and Bill seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted to adjourn at 10:27am.

Summary of Action Items

Code Compliance

Investigate commercial car washers in city streets.  Investigate temporary signs like real estate open house, construction, and other service signs.

Ecology Committee

Investigate making "Lights On, Crime Out" citywide.

Communications Committee

Create a phone number reference card for all NOrgs. 
Investigate current development projects.
Investigate LEED credits

All PSNIC Committees

Review your committee information that is present on the palmspringsneighborhoods web site.

All Neighborhood Organizations

Review your NOrg information on the web site.

Next meeting will be Thursday, June 12, 2008 at 8:30am at the Large Conference Room, City Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

William Post