PSNIC Mintues 08-06-12

12 JUNE 2008

Chair John Williams called the meeting to order at 8:33am. The following were noted present or absent.

Araby Cove Movie Colony

Patrick Jordan (Rep) - Absent Dick Mandell (Rep) - Present

Linda Ragin (Alt) - Present Diane Ahlstrom (Alt) - Absent

Baristo Old Las Palmas

David Carden (Rep) - Present John Williams (Rep) - Present

Gary Wilson (Alt) - Present Doug Donenfeld (Alt) - Absent

Chino Canyon Racquet Club Estates

Dean Carlson (Rep) - Absent Eddie Schachnow (Rep) - Absent

Open (Alt)- Rick Vila (Alt) - Present

Deepwell Estates Racquet Club West

James Lundin (Rep) - Present Joy Smith (Rep) - Present

Diane Ross (Alt) - Present Don Soja (Alt) - Present

Desert Highlands Estates Ruth Hardy Park

Angie Patrick (Rep)- Absent Jim Franklin (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Bill Markley (Alt) - Present

Desert Vista Sunmor

Patty Lopez (Rep)- Present Bob Mahlowitz (Rep) - Absent

Gabe Lubel (Alt)- Absent Ernie Etheridge (Alt) - Present

El Mirador Sunrise Vista Chino

Roxann Ploss (Rep) - Present Paula Auburn (Rep) - Present

Ron Siegel (Alt) - Absent Thomas Van Etten (Alt) - Present

Historic Tennis Club Tahquitz River Estates

Gene Dippel (Rep)- Absent Paul Crippan (Rep) - Present

Sven Holm (Alt)- Absent Jay Gustafson (Alt) - Absent

The Mesa Vista Las Palmas

Tom DeWitt (Rep) - Present Sheila Cobrin (Rep) - Present

Rosemarie Vacano (Alt) - Present Raymond Manci (Alt) - Absent

Warm Sands

Bill Post (Rep) - Present

Demuth Park West Open (Alt) -

Robert Stone - Absent

Carol Haskell - Present The City of Palm Springs

Escena Lee Husfeldt - Present

Daryl Zacharko - Absent

Four Seasons Others Present in the Audience

Gary Cooper - Present Freda Jorgensen - Araby Cove

Roger Ball - Present Armando Rancano - Deepwell Estates

Mountain Gate David Shelep - Desert Vista

Richard Gieson - Absent

Racquet Club South

Aileen Fields - Present

HOA Presidents' Council

Sharon Lock (Rep) - Absent

Vic Gainer (Alt) - Absent

1. Public Comments - 8:30 - 8:35

No public comment.

2. Report from David Ready, City Manager - 8:35 - 9:00

-City of Palm Springs Budget, 2008 - 2009 (Copies to PSNIC Members)

David Ready discussed the 11-page budget document PSNIC members received (Addendum A). Detail of the 2008-09 Fiscal Year budget will be online. 1.3 million may not be included in the budget. The Governor is claiming these funds because of the new compacts. David Ready, the Police Chief and Fire Chief will go to Sacramento to testify.

The budget will be before council on June 18th. Council has until June 30th to approve.

-City Streets Improvement Plans - Priority listing, extra funding

David Ready said there is a list of priority streets and the city will make this list available on DVD for NOrgs to review. There is also a binder with this information at the City Clerk's office and the Engineering Department.

David Barakian explained the street paving process. Every year the streets are slurry sealed. The city focuses on the major streets. If there is additional money then they will do other streets.

David B. explained slurry seal versus overlay. Slurry seal is just a liquid coating for sealing a street. It costs about 20 cents a foot and gives the street a dark finish. Overlay is an actual asphalt concrete mix. This surface is made from recycled tires and costs almost ten times more than slurry seal.

How long does a slurry seal last? The slurry seal will last seven years. Paving a street should last 10 years and will then need to be slurry sealed.

There was some discussion about privately owned roads. Rim Road was mentioned.

David B. said the city does not spend taxpayer dollars to pave a private roads.

-Vacation Rentals Ordinance presentation to Council June 18th: Details of changes

The Vacation Rental and Event House Ordinance will be before council on July 2nd. There have been changes to the ordinance as per council. David Ready did not discuss the changes because he didn't want to misrepresent them. Copies of the ordinance will be made available. Any additional changes to the ordinance must be requested at city council on July 2nd.

3 Approval of May Minutes - 9:00 - 9:03

Sheila made and Joy seconded a motion to approve the May minutes. There were 15 yeas and one abstention.

4. Financial Report and Financial Committee Report - David - 9:03 - 9:05

-Budget for 2008 - 2009

David Carden submitted a written report (Addendum B). David reported expenses yearto-date are $5,661.24, which leaves $2,338.76 to be spent before June 30th. Outstanding funding requests are, Araby $180 and $135 from Chris Bricker for the website. If these expenses cannot be paid by June 30th they will be carried over into next year's budget figures.

Finance Committee members unanimously passed a proposal to have a five-member committee. Members may be either a representative or alternate. Current committee members are Dick Mandell, Thomas Van Etten and Roxann Ploss. David is looking for one more Finance Committee member.

David will have a full written report about non-profit status for the July meeting.

David has made arrangements with Office Depot and Office Max to give PSNIC members discounts for printing and other services. An Office Depot representative spoke to the group. He had forms for each neighborhood to fill out to get the discount and gave members a pen.

5. Lee Husfeldt Report - 9:05 - 9:15

-New and forming NOrgs

Dave Shelep reported Desert Park Estates is now Desert Vista.  At the last meeting we approved Racquet Club Estates boundaries with the addition of 10 homes. They were agreeable to adding the 10 homes.

Desert Highland Gateway Estates has completed the application as well as the petition.

Lee passed out the map of their boundaries (Addendum C). Roxann made and Joy seconded a motion to accept their boundaries. The vote was unanimous.

Lee passed out a map of Racquet Club South (Addendum D). John made and Sheila seconded a motion to accept their boundaries. The vote was unanimous.

Lee then passed out the Four Seasons map (Addendum E). Joy made and Sheila seconded a motion to accept Four Seasons boundaries. The vote was unanimous.

There are now 21 neighborhoods.

-Review of PSNIC Picnic

Lee reported the picnic was a huge success and some of the big hits included the food, the police K-9 unit, and the fire department. Things to improve upon were discussed. The committee plans on increased attendance next year and would like next year's event to be held April 18th. The committee also feels it would be better to take this out of the PSNIC budget rather than seeking sponsorship.

-PSNIC Organizational Chart

The organizational chart for PSNIC was distributed (Addendum F). This will be added to the web site. Paul made and Joy seconded a motion to accept the organizational chart.

The vote was unanimous.

At this point in the meeting, single stream recycling discussed. The large bins will be distributed beginning June 18th.

6. Procedural Committee Report - Officers - 9:15 - 9:20

-Adding "Palm Springs Path to a Sustainable Community as a goal for this year

-Bylaw changes to reflect change in committees
    -New Neighborhoods Committee and Neighborhood Support Committee

The group discussed the two Vice Chair positions. John said these two jobs are different and the bylaws don't reflect that.

Paul Crippan made and David Carden seconded a motion to add the finance committee to the bylaws as a standing committee. The vote was unanimous.

Jim pointed out the bylaws state the Secretary will run the meeting if the other 4 officers are not present. He felt the Secretary would not be able to run the meeting and take notes at the same time. Bill agreed. Jim felt there should some be accommodation for that in the bylaws.

Bill also felt officers should provide oversight on committees and not necessarily chair them. This would allow more PSNIC members to have leadership positions. John felt the two Vice Chairs should chair their own committees. There was some discussion about this being possible within the Communications Committee however no motion was made to change the bylaws.

Jim discussed his and Bob Mahlowitz's ideas for splitting of the Vice Chair positions.

John will support operational aspects of PSNIC. The proposed bylaws will include a Vice Chair of New Neighborhoods and a Vice Chair of Neighborhood Support.

7. Organizational Support Committee Report - Jim and Gene - 9:20 - 9:30

-Report of the Sustainability Task Force to PSNIC

Armando discussed organizational support. He said, the task force found three concerns.

The concerns include low membership, members are not serving on boards and committees and once they are on a board or committee they don't perform. Armando said, we are asking a lot of folks to be community leaders who are not trained or mentored to be a community leader.

How do we find people to join? Armando said there is several reasons we feel people don't join. Some include, they are renters, this is their second home and they are not stakeholders. We may also believe workers don't have the time and seniors don't have the energy. He suggested the methods we use might not always be appropriate when recruiting members. We think printed communication and invitations will bring new people out. According to Armando, the result is we see the same faces at all the meetings.

We have a high turnover in our communities. It might be a good idea to introduce new arrivals to existing neighbors. They currently have a new neighbor brunch in Deepwell.

Dog walkers as well as people working in gardens are opportunities to strike up a conversation and begin to talk about the NOrg. Finally, we could get like members together to a meeting. For example, dog owners, or people who feel they pay too much for electricity. These people have a common interest. Wine tasting is also popular.

How do you get the joiners on boards and committees? Armando says the belief is that they are not interested. One thing that keeps people away is what Armando calls "bait and switch". Some volunteers find they sign up for a small job and it becomes a larger  job. Another problem arises when nothing is getting done on the committee. This does not motivate others to work. Armando said a volunteer's time and effort is taking away from their family and friends. They need to have a reason why they are away. Volunteers should have clear role expectations. Every board member and committee member should have a job description according to Armando. A positive meeting experience is also important.

How do we get them to work? Armando feels they don't work because they don't see much accomplished at meetings. The belief is if I don't see others on the board taking responsibility then I probably will not want to take any responsibility. In some cases, people serving on the board aren't well suited for that job according to Armando.

Next step the task force would like to see is a mechanism to train NOrgs. They would like to produce a management guide.

Finally, the task force feels that since every organization produces newsletters, membership lists, and a minute taker that we might think of easier ways to accomplish that collectively.

8. Outreach Committee Report - Bob - 9:30 - 9:35

Lee reported on the Demuth Park West formation meeting. They are on their way to becoming the 22nd NOrg.

9. Communications Committee Report - Bill - 9:35 - 9:45

-Website changes, who to contact and how to implement

Bill reported that he has a lot of web site change requests. Much of the information is old. He plans to complete many of the changes during the next fiscal year. We currently have the web master for an hour a month. This has been spent updating the neighborhoods map with the addition of new NOrgs. Next fiscal year will have an agreement with Chris Bricker to give us three hours a month.

-Contact cards for NORG's to hand to members.

Nick Chicola has been working with the committee on the organizational chart that was just approved. One of the committee's goals was to create an orientation packet for new NOrgs however Bob's New Neighborhood Committee would like to complete that task.

The PSNIC brochure is in the hands of the officers for approval. We plan to make 1,000 copies and additional copies in Spanish. We are currently seeking quotes for the work.

The idea is to give each NOrg 20 brochures and 650 will be used for outreach to new neighborhood organizations.

Bill also mentioned the committee would like to see time after the PSNIC meeting for casual discussion. We are currently rushed out of this room because there is another meeting that follows.

Finally, to continue with a Celebration of Successes, Bill thanked the picnic committee and all the volunteers associated for a very successful picnic. He also thanked David Carden for his work to get us a printing discount.

-Developer Dialogue Sub-committee report

No report.

10. Code Enforcement Committee Report - Ron - 9:45 - 9:50

-Discussion of VRO presentation on June 18th -

No report.

Code Enforcement sub committee meeting will be cancelled this month since Ron is out of town. Sheila discussed one house that is a problem in her neighborhood. The neighbors have contacted elected officials and they have responded.

The only option to request changes to the Vacation Rental and Event House Ordinance will be at the July 2nd council meeting.

11. Crime and Safety Committee - Sven - 9:50 - 9:55

-Neighborhood Watch Academy

-CERT Training

Ernie Etheridge passed out CERT forms for training to be held at the end of June.

12. Neighborhood Character Committee Report - Roxann - 9:55 - 10:00

The committee did not meet last month. Roxann has information on neighborhood overlays. She would also like to address bank owned homes. She will send out a list of possible meeting times for the next Neighborhood Character meeting.

Dick asked about the status of the blade signs. Roxann said city council has all the information to go forward. The next step is to get on council agenda. Dick feels he has an alternative installer of signs and asked if the city would approve an outside source for sign installation.

13. Ecology Committee Report - Sheila - 10:00 - 10:10

-The Palm Springs Path to a Sustainable Community

Sheila distributed the Ecology Meeting's agenda from June 10th (Addendum G). The 20 steps on the "Path to Sustainability" for the City of Palm Springs were discussed. She said 1, 2, and 3 is the city's responsibility. We can't do anything about 6, 7 and 8. 10, 13, 14, and 15 are also the city's responsibility. Sheila says there are things that we can do. For one, we can get each community to participate in recycling and get 50 - 60% participation.

Individuals may also do an energy audit. Sheila says she can show us how to conduct and energy audit and then we can help out our neighbors.

John would like to see this group take the lead with the Mayor's plan and do energy audit. He also spoke in support of recycling and water conservation.

Roxann said she is working with a solar installation company to complete installations on installments.

Aileen Fields who is on the city's Resource Recovery Committee would like to work with PSNIC to establish the same sustainability goals.

14. PS Library's Strategic Services Planning and Expansion Plans - 10:10 - 10:20

-Barbara Roberts, Director of Library Services, Palm Springs Public Library

Barbara Roberts reported 25,000 people per month use their services. An additional 4,000 attend their public programming series. They are currently doing some high tech things but want to make sure they are doing things the community needs. They are currently going through a strategic services plan to guide them over the next three to five years. She told the group that they are going to have a town hall meeting on June 23rd at 6:30pm to discuss the needs of the residents. "Delightful" deserts will be served. PSNIC members are encouraged to attend a meeting at 4:00pm on the 23rd. Barbara passed out a flyer for the town hall meeting and a Summer Library Programming brochure (Addenda H and I).

15. Old Business - 10:20 - 10:25

-Palm Springs Stadium event plans

David reported on the public forum that addressed youth stadium events. David thought it was a great success. His report is Addendum J. Paul moved Joy seconded a motion to support and endorse the youth concert ordinance as amended by the Baristo Neighborhood Organization. There were 15 yeas and 1 abstention.

-Review of 2008 Goals set for July meeting

John said we would review the 2008 goals at the next PSNIC meeting. John did say he would like PSNIC to support the Mayor's Path to Sustainability. Paula made and Roxann seconded a motion to support the Mayor's path to sustainability plan. The vote was unanimous.

16. New Business - 10:25 - 10:30 - due to time these items were not discussed.

-Blood Bank

-Foreclosed Properties Ordinance discussion

-Hold Harmless and Liability Issues for NORG's

Adjourn 10:32am

Action Items

All Committee Members

Review Vacation Rental and Event House Ordinance for July 2nd City Council meeting.
Review proposed PSNIC bylaws.
Attend the Library forum on June 23rd at 4:00pm.

Next meeting will be Thursday, July 10, 2008 at 8:30am at the Large Conference Room, City Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

William Post