PSNIC Minutes 08-04-10

10 APRIL 2008

Chair John Williams called the meeting to order at 8:31am. The following were noted present or absent.

Araby Cove Movie Colony

Patrick Jordan (Rep) - Present Dick Mandell (Rep) - Present

Linda Ragin (Alt) - Absent Arlene Battishill (Alt) - Absent

Baristo Old Las Palmas

David Carden (Rep) - Present John Williams (Rep) - Present

Gary Wilson (Alt) - Present Doug Donenfeld (Alt) - Present

Chino Canyon Racquet Club West

Dean Carlson (Rep) - Present Joy Smith (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Don Soja (Alt) - Present

Deepwell Estates Ruth Hardy Park

James Lundin (Rep) - Present Jim Franklin (Rep) - Present

Diane Ross (Alt) - Present Bill Markley (Alt) - Present

Desert Highlands Estates Sunmor

Angie Patrick (Rep)- Absent Bob Mahlowitz (Rep) - Present

Open (Alt)- Ernie Etheridge (Alt) - Absent

Desert Park Estates Sunrise Vista Chino

Dave Shelep (Rep)- Absent Paula Auburn (Rep) - Present

Dana Stewart (Alt)- Absent Thomas Van Etten (Alt) - Present

El Mirador Tahquitz River Estates

Ron Siegel (Rep) - Present Paul Crippan (Rep) - Present

Roxann Ploss (Alt) - Present Jay Gustafson (Alt) - Absent

Historic Tennis Club Vista Las Palmas

Gene Dippel (Rep)- Present Sheila Cobrin (Rep) - Present

Sven Holm (Alt)- Present Raymond Manci (Alt) - Present

The Mesa Warm Sands

Tom DeWitt (Rep) - Present Catherine Marcy (Rep) - Absent

Rosemarie Vacano (Alt) - Present Bill Post (Alt) - Present

DeMuth Park The City of Palm Springs

Robert Stone - Absent Lee Husfeldt - Present

Carol Haskell - Present

Escena Others Present in the Audience

Daryl Zacharko - Absent Armando Rancano - Deepwell Estates

Mountain Gate Barbara Marshall - Sunmor

Richard Gieson - Absent Ron Marshall - Sunmor

Racquet Club Estates April Hildner

Timm Fryman - Absent

Diane McMillan - Absent

Racquet Club South

Aileen Fields - Absent

HOA Presidents' Council

Sharon Lock (Rep) - Absent

Vic Gainer (Alt) - Absent

PSNIC Meeting 10APR2008 page 2 of 9

1. Welcome Vickie Oltean, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation and Keith McCormick, Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission

-Use of Palm Spring Stadium discussion

Keith has been putting on events at the Palm Springs Stadium since 1985. In early 2000 concerts were prohibited unless the concert was accompanied by a sporting event. They would like the restriction lifted. According to Keith, the Palm Springs Stadium is the only stadium in the valley with this type of ordinance.

The Parks and Recreation Department has been challenged with what to do with teenagers. Keith said he is looking for events that would attract 3,000 - 5,000 people.

David Carden said his NOrg distributed the position letter to oppose the idea. David received a 98% response from his members and they are against changing the ordinance.

David cited current challenges with sex offenders living near the park and activities at or near the Frey Building. He is concerned with these current problems and youth concerts may add to them.

The ordinance change was said to be in response to a riot that occurred at this venue.  There was some discussion about whether it was in response to a 1969 riot or one that occurred more recent.

Roxann Ploss said in the 40 years she has been here that this is "a kid unfriendly valley".  She likes the idea and hopes the neighborhoods will support it.

Sven suggested the members of Baristo have a joint meeting with Parks and Recreation to discuss specific issues.

There was some discussion about events in other valley cities and the type of events that would be held at the Palm Springs Stadium. Keith said they will not be encouraging

heavy metal bands. Vicki said, she works with Cathedral City and they are doing a "Battle of the Bands."

Patrick Jordan suggested we allow an event to be held and then address specific issues when they arise.

David made and Paul Crippan seconded a motion to request the Baristo Neighborhood Organization schedule a meeting with Parks and Recreation to work out issues. The vote was unanimous.

2. Public Comments - 2 Minutes Each

Roxann Ploss - In response to the Parks and Recreation request, Roxann said, "there is no  perfect venue." This is unfortunate for the kids in town who have nothing to do with it.  She asked the committee get behind this idea and find our teens something to do.

Thomas Van Etten - Had a question about the response to the Parks and Recreation request. When a specific neighborhood has a problem, isn't it fair to get the other neighborhoods involved to solve the problem? Isn't PSNIC the representative of all the neighborhoods? If Baristo has a problem we should help them with it.

Gary Wilson - In response to the Parks and Recreation request, he said stadium events were discontinued because of riots. He has lived the area for 19 years he says there were riots at the stadium more recent than 1969.

3. Review and Approval of February Minutes

Bill Post said he changed the alternate for Sunmor from Rick Boen to Ernie Etheridge.  No other changes were reported. Dick Mandell made and Sheila Cobrin seconded a motion to approve the minutes. The vote was 15 yeas, 0 nay and 1 abstention.

4. Finance Committee Report and approval

Jim Lundin distributed a Financial Committee Report (Addendum A). The committee met on Monday. Current expenses are $933.68, outstanding invoices $1,489.00, picnic expenses $4,025.00, signage $300.00 and web fees $1,252.32.

Jim explained what made up the $1,489.00 in outstanding invoices. This includes requests for blade and neighborhood watch signs. Jim also reported Baristo withdrew their request of $350.00 for petition expenses.

Jim would like to see all expenses go through the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee also recommends setting up a non-profit foundation for PSNIC as per the ordinance.

Sheila asked for clarification about when PSNIC would pay for a NOrg's mailing.  PSNIC will help with the mailing costs of new NOrgs or when there are boundary expansions.

Dick asked about requesting an increase from the city for our budget. Lee Husfeldt reported she has requested more money from the city. We were budgeted $8,000 last fiscal year. Lee has asked for more. Dick suggested that we ask for $15,000 since we've doubled the number of NOrgs. John also suggested we should request a specific amount.

Bob Mahlowitz suggested the Finance Committee send a letter supporting the request for more money.

Paula Auburn made and Joy Smith seconded a motion to approve the financial report.  The vote was unanimous.

Jim would also like five members on the finance committee

5. Election of Second Vice President Position

This discussion occurred after the Organizational Building Task Force Report.  John asked for nominations from the floor for the Vice Chair for Neighborhood Support position.

Bill nominated Jim Lundin for the position. Roxann nominated Dick Mandell. Dick withdrew his nomination in favor of Jim Lundin. Gene Dippel made and Sheila seconded a motion to elect Jim Lundin Vice Chair for Neighborhood Support. The vote was unanimous.

Nominations for Treasurer were entertained. Jim and Paula nominated David Carden for the position of Treasurer. Sheila made and Gene seconded a motion to elect David Carden Treasurer. The vote was unanimous.

After the election, David stated that he would work to get the NOrgs tax-exempt status.

6. Lee Husfeldt Report

Lee reported DeMuth Park had at least 20 people at their meeting on Tuesday. This meeting was organized by word of mouth. They have not completed a neighborhood wide mailing yet, however there is a lot of interest.

On April 26, Racquet Club Estates will meet at a Fire Station to discuss formation.

-Desert Sun response regarding the Palm Springs Sun

Sheila took a pile of Palm Springs Sun newspapers to show how many are not being picked up by residents. Sheila sent the Vista Las Palmas boundaries to the Desert Sun and they will stop delivering within those boundaries. The Sun also offered to stop delivery at individual addresses. Sheila said the individual notice to stop delivery did not work well in Vista Las Palmas.

-Eco-Friendly Landscape Tour April 19th, 10:00 AM

Post cards advertising this event were passed out (Addendum C). John shared an email he sent out to his residents in Old Las Palmas and encouraged other NOrgs to do the same.

A ticket will be given out at the beginning and prizes will be awarded at the Wellness Park. You must be present to win. Gardening books as well as a free consultation by a landscaper are some of the prizes.

John discussed the route of the Eco-Friendly Tour and some of the properties that are part of the tour. One stop is the Kirk Douglas island at the Airport. According to Roxann, Kirk Douglas islands are landscaped so that the first island is arid and as you drive toward the airport the landscaping becomes lusher.

7. Procedural Committee report - Officers

-Change of meeting times and/or location

At the last Procedural Committee meeting, officers felt it was more convenient to meet at the Police Training Center and wanted the committee's input. Doug Donenfeld said he was more engaged at the Training Center even though he was not allowed to vote as an alternate. Gene reminded us that this conference room was chosen so city officials could attend the meeting.

A show of hands revealed most were open to move the meeting to the Police Training Center. Lee will check to see if it is available.

Dick suggested changing the time of the PSNIC meeting. Several other times were discussed however the meeting time was not changed.

-Non-PSNIC members chairing committees

Bill discussed the idea of allowing non-representatives/alternates and even people who do not live in a recognized neighborhood chair a committee.

There was discussion and several names were mentioned that fall into this category. Ron Siegel said maybe we should change the bylaws to not put limits on the chairs of committees. Bob also suggested we should change the bylaws.

Tom Dewitt suggested we have "honorary members." John also liked this idea and suggested this go back to the Procedural Committee to propose bylaws changes.

8. Communications Committee report

-PSNIC Picnic

The Picnic is May 10th. Bob reviewed the Picnic events. Shelia discussed who would attend.

-Website development and changes

Bill received web site statistics from Catherine Marcy. We've had 10,568 page views in March. Bill also said we would implement the email tool and achieving piece unless there was more discussion

Bill also notified the committee the city is hiring a web designer to consolidate its five sites. The Palm Springs Neighborhoods site is one of the five. There is question about whether the new web designer would be able to incorporate some of the things we like about our web site. The neighborhood map is one item that might not be included. Lee discussed the possibility of our web site expenses coming out of our budget.

9. Outreach and Support Committee (new committee headed by new 2nd Vice Chair)

Bob asked the committee for the names of groups and organizations that would like to learn about PSNIC.

10. Crime and Safety Committee

Sven discussed Silent Partner and how it works. Currently the department is using Silent Partner for lost children, road closures, bad check writing, and a person with a gun.

Crime View is a new computer program that will be installed and will help with crime statistics. The Chief would like any crime that occurs in the afternoon to be available to the department that night.

The committee has been trying to get the statistic "was there a burglar alarm at the site" to accompany the burglary statistic. Furthermore, the committee would like to know if there was forced entry during a burglary.

The committee has also suggested the department get volunteers to produce crime statistics.

Sven discussed Nick's crime survey. Traffic, burglary and lighting continue to be the top three issues.

-CERT training in each neighborhood, COPs from each neighborhood

Ernie Etheridge has been working with John Hardcastle on CERT. Sven passed out a trifold brochure with new CERT class dates (Addendum D). John Hardcastle and Ernie are also working on a map to show where CERT trained members are located. Only a couple NOrgs have responded to the committee's request to identify CERT members. If you have CERT members in your neighborhood please email Sven or Ernie.

Ernie is also working on compiling each NOrg's top three traffic issues. Sven encouraged all to get your top three traffic issues to Ernie.  Sven made the committee aware a marijuana co-op that might be proposed. There was some discussion for and against. The Crime and Safety Committee was concerned with "the element" this might bring to the city. The Crime and Safety Committee will continue to follow this issue.

-Neighborhood Watch Academy

The Neighborhood Watch Academy that has been encouraged by the Police Chief will run for 8 weeks and will be 2 hours a night. Some felt 8 weeks was too long.  John discussed the outline of the academy. Several committee members gave John comments via email and most wondered if this would work in Palm Springs.

We discussed Neighborhood Watch and who has an active neighborhood watch program.  Several hands went up. Methods of neighborhood watch were discussed. Some use the traditional way of knowing your neighbor. Others utilize a phone or internet tree to share information. Sven also reminded us that Leslie Cyphers would continue to do Neighborhood Watch programs for those neighborhoods that are interested.

April asked if the committee has challenged the notion of a Neighborhood Watch Academy and suggested we get more input from the residents. 

Sven said he would like to use this program since it has been successful in Riverside.

Sven distributed Baristo's Phone Directory card with phone numbers for Police, utilities and other services (Addendum E). The back of this card gives tips for Neighborhood Watch.

Lee announced Paula Auburn would be on the Chief's Transition Team.

The Crime and Safety Committee would like to hear from neighborhoods that have a successful neighborhood watch programs. We would like to know what in your program works. Sven asked committee members to attend the next meeting Crime and Safety committee meeting to be held, Tuesday, April 15 at 3pm at the Police Training Center.

11. Neighborhood Character Committee report

-Blade signs

Roxann reported the blade sign idea has "taken off". It has become one of the most exciting things to happen in her neighborhood. The result has been more people participating.

She stated prices in the original quote are correct. The template will be the same for all neighborhoods.

The next step for Neighborhood Character is to come up with an idea that identifies the neighborhood. Roxann also offered to talk about neighborhood watch at the next meeting.

El Mirador is ready to go to council with the idea. Joy made and Sheila seconded a motion to send the blade sign idea to city council. The vote was unanimous.

12. Code Enforcement Committee Report

-Vacation Rental Ordinance

Ron reported there is no movement on the Vacation Rental Ordinance. The last message he received from David Ready was that David was going to speak to the City Attorney.

The next Code Enforcement Committee meeting will be Monday, April 14, at 1pm in the east conference room in City Hall. Ron said the committee would take up the issue of public solicitation unless we hear something related to the Vacation Rental Ordinance.

-New enforcement number

Doug Donenfeld distributed a flyer and magnets from the Vacation Rental Managers of Palm Springs. This group has a new number to call 24-hours if there is a problem with a vacation rental. The number is 1-877-4MyNeighbor (Addendum F).

13. Organizational Building Taskforce committee report

This report was presented after the Finance Committee Report.

A document titled, Organization Building Task Force Process Report to ONI was distributed (Addendum B). Gene originally felt the Tennis Club had unique concerns.

He now realizes there are other NOrgs with the same concerns. He said, "You may have a strong organization today however, there are forces that may change that in the future.

Originally Gene felt the task force would identify critical success factors that could be shared with other neighborhoods. However the Organizational Building Task force discovered that we are going to have to replace some "old fashioned ideas". The Tennis Club has been social organization and now has moved into a more business atmosphere where they are approving building projects and attending other meetings. The Task Force now sees this as an ongoing activity and feels it will be a good tool for the new Vice Chair.

Joy also agrees that this should be an on going resource. She feels it will help get the right person to do the right jobs within NOrgs.

John felt this should be part of Vice Chair for Organization and Support. Bob also agreed Paul said he was one of the first to get involved in this task force. He shared that sustainability was an issue with TRENO when their Vice Chair moved. He has tried some of the skills learned with his TRENO board and seen renewed excitement and energy.

The committee then returned to Item #5, Election Second Vice President Position.

14. Ecology Committee Report

-Ruth Hardy Park lighting

Sheila reported the lights at Ruth Hardy Park are on a timer. They had dials. When the dials broke they could not be replaced. The city is looking to purchase a computerized lighting and water use system.

Main issue for the committee is to prepare for the picnic.

The committee is also planning to contact the city's conservation committee.

15. Other

-Upcoming neighborhood events

The TRENO 4th Annual meeting will be April 12th. Paul distributed an invitation and encouraged committee members to attend (Addendum G).

-Status of City insurance covering NOrg's and their meetings/officers

Lee does not have an update at this time.

Sheila made and John seconded a motion to adjourn. All voted to adjourn at 10:31am.

Summary of Action Items

Lee Husfeldt

Confirm the Police Training Center is available May 8th.

Procedural Committee

Propose bylaws changes regarding who may chair committees

All Neighborhood Organizations

Send Bob the names of organizations and groups who may like to learn about PSNIC.
Email Ernie the names of your CERT trained members.
Email Ernie the top three traffic issues in your NOrg.
Email Sven ideas for a successful Neighborhood Watch program.

Next meeting will be Thursday, May 8, 2008 at 8:30am at the Police Training Center.

Respectfully submitted,

William Post