Andreas Hills Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:The neighborhood includes the properties on both sides of East Bogert Trail from South Palm Canyon Drive to Acanto Drive extended including properties on Marigold Circle, Azalea Circle West, Dogwood Circle West, Andreas Palms Drive, Snapdragon Circle, Goldenrod Lane, Barona Road, Corisca Court and Avenida Sevilla. Beginning at the east end of Acanto Drive extended, all the properties on the east side of Bogert Trail to the mountains are included. Those include properties on Ridgemore Drive, Stonehedge Road, Dunham Road, Hillview Cove, Redford Drive and Andreas Hill Drive.
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Araby Commons Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:

The Araby Commons Neighborhood Organization is the area bordered by the streets of E. Palm Canyon Dr. (along the north); S. Araby Dr. and to the west side of the Palm Canyon Wash (along the east); Marabella Ln., E Jacaranda Rd. and to the north side of the Palm Canyon Wash (along the south); and S. Barona Rd. and Smoke Tree Commons (along the west)

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Araby Cove Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:
  • From the wash south to the top of Araby Road.
  • The neighborhood extends east to Rim Road
  • To the west to encompass all of Smokewood down to the wash
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Baristo Neighborhood Organization

Our neighborhood is centrally located and made up exclusively of condominium property owners in/around and along the Baristo corridor.

Annual meeting: First week in April. A minimum of six board meetings will be held annually. For information on meeting dates, contact us at There are 7 members of the Board of Advisors:

  • David Carden, jr., Chair
  • Dean Conkle, Vice Chair
  • Gayle Wilson, Treasurer
  • Dan Shenefelt, Secretary
  • Bill Squire, At-large
  • Claudia Rossi, At-large
  • George Zander, At-large
  • Gary Wilson, Alternate ONIC
  • Mark Davis, HOA Liaison
  • Tedd Kessel, BNO Neighborhood Watch

Dues: There are no dues required for membership. However, we do accept donations to offset administrative costs.

Success Stories:
Vacant lots along Baristo Road were cleaned and posted this past summer which has drastically reduced trespassing and petty crime.

Neighborhood Watch programs are being planned and scheduled.

Our boundaries were expanded in December due to popular demand! Our membership now approaches 700.

Social Events:
Two Wine & Cheese Cellar-brations will be held each year to help raise funds for our administrative costs and community projects. Social events will be posted as they are planned.

Boundaries Include:

Property both north and south along Baristo between Avenida Caballeros and Sunrise Way, incorporating those addresses on Tiffany Circle (East, West, North and South) and property both east and west along Avenida Caballeros from Saturnino Road on the south to Arenas Road to the north, and the southern parcels of Arenas Road between Calle el Segundo to Sunrise Way and the north side of Ramon Road between Avenida Caballeros and Sunrise Way.

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Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:

The Canyon Corridor Neighborhood Organization is the area bordered by:

  • South: Murry Canyon Drive
  • West: East of the S. Palm Canyon Drive centerline from La Verne to (and including) Cantina Way; the mountains from Cantina Way to Murry Canyon Dr.
  • La Verne Way
  • S. Palo Fiero (west of the S. Palo Fiero centerline from Avenida Granada to La Verne; west of, but not including S. Palo Fiero from Avenida Granada to Santiago; Canyon Dr. South cul-de-sac not included) to E. Santiago Way (north of, but not including E. Santiago Way) to Sierra Madre Drive
Contact List:

Deepwell Estates Neighborhood Organization

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Monthly board meeting: second Thursday each month at 6:00 p.m. Annual Meeting last Sunday in January at Mizell Senior Center

Success Stories:
We are the oldest and largest neighborhood organization in Palm Springs originally called Deepwell Estates Homeowners Organization.

Transitioned to DENO in 1998 and currently have 194 members.

The organization has resolved numerous issues concerning Deepwell with the city.

DENO has the oldest and largest neighborhood watch/emergency preparedness program in Palm Springs.

We sponsor Beautiful Deepwell a weekly neighborhood clean-up program.

Our six social events: Annual Meeting (January), Hidden Deepwell (garden walk, March), Progressive Deepwell (May), Summer Deepwell (July), Deepwell by Night (October) and Taste of Deepwell (November).

Our board consists of nine full members and two alternates.

Committees include: Membership, Events, Host, NW/EP, Finance and City/Neighborhood issues.

Boundaries Include:
  • East: Sunrise Way
  • West: Deepwell Estates Ranch Including Biltmore Homes—not condos
  • North: Mesquite Ave.
  • South: Deepwell road (west of Sagebrush) East Palm Canyon (east of Sagebrush)
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Demuth Park Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:
  • West: South El Cielo Rd.
  • East: Gene Autry Trail
  • South: East Mesquite Avenue
  • North: Ramon Road
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Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association

Regular or Upcoming Meeting Dates and Times:
Every second Tuesday of the month (except June-Aug) at James O Jessie Desert Highland Community Center at 7:00 PM in the Community Room.


  • Dixie Miller – President
  • Cynthia Session – Secretary

Board of Directors include:

  • Evernel Black
  • Dorothy J. Bowens
  • Cora Crawford
  • Joe Ann Crawford
  • Monique Smith
  • Charles Metcalf
  • Willie Holland Sr.

Boundaries Include:

The Desert Highland Gateway Estates Community Action Association is bordered on the east by the west side of Indian Canyon Drive, the north side of San Rafael Drive on the south to McCarthy Road and both sides of Tramview Drive on the north to Eastgate Road on the west. The boundaries extend farther west on Rosa Parks Road to Viedo Road and along Gateway Drive to Pamela Drive. The following side streets off of Gateway Drive are also included: Pamela Drive, Juan Circle, Juanita Circle, Ashby Circle and Gladys Circle. The following side streets along Rosa Park Road starting at Eastgate Road also are included: Jiminez Circle, Alberto Circle, Howard Circle, and Lawrence Circle and Viedo Road.

No Contacts On File

Desert Park Estates Neighborhood Organization

To obtain additional information about the Desert Park Estates Neighborhood Organization please email Janet Schmitt at DPENO was organized to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood by maintaining and increasing our property values, getting to know ourneighbors, and to work together to keep crime at a minimum. Desert Park Estates has experienced remarkable changes over the past years with revitalization of homes and neighborhood pride. DPENO is committed to being one of the best neighborhoods in Palm Springs. To accomplish that goal, we all need to participate. Our annual meeting is in January. Specific information regarding the meeting will be posted on, e-mail, and flyers. Come meet your neighbors and share your ideas.
Boundaries Include:

Desert Park Estates Neighborhood Organization boundaries are

  • East Joyce Drive from North Sunrise Way to North Farrell Drive (including adjacent cul-de-sacs),
  • North Farrell Drive from its northern terminus to East Racquet Club Road,
  • The northern/even addresses of East Racquet Club Road from North Farrell Drive to North Sunrise Way,
  • the east/even addresses of North Sunrise Way from East Racquet Club Road to East Joyce Drive.
Contact List:
  • Larry Crawford
    Desert Park Estates Neighborhood Organization Secretary
  • Janet Schmitt
    Desert Park Estates Neighborhood Organization Chairperson

El Mirador Neighborhood Organization

The El Mirador Neighborhood is a quiet and varied area of approximately 160 houses located in the tract east of Desert Regional Medical Center. Our major boundaries, Tachevah, Avenida Caballeros and Via Miraleste, while somewhat busy are still totally residential and distinguish the area from surrounding neighborhoods. Having Ruth Hardy Park and The Wellness Park on our southern border and the hospital on our western border helps define the area and provides large greenbelts and separation from major traffic.

There are few children in the area and most residents tend not to get involved with civic affairs unless they are directly affected. Many houses are second homes (about 30%) and all are one story houses ranging in price from approximately $450,000 to almost $2,000,000. While some streets do not have curbs, many do and some even have sidewalks. The consensus is that we like the individual streets the way they are and do not want to change their varied nature.

The El Mirador organization was formed approximately 8 years ago in response to an issue with two short term vacation rental houses that created a significant disturbance to our peace and relaxed atmosphere. We have corrected the issue and, as a result of our efforts and others efforts the city is proposing a city-wide ordinance to better monitor and control short term rentals.

Two years ago we sought to improve the appearance in areas of our neighborhood that were not as attractive as other very appealing streets such as El Mirador and Mel. Our solution was to plant more street trees that would create the desired arbor effect. While we have had some success in planting about a dozen trees along Chia Road, we have a significant way to go.

The Organization is committed to maintaining and increasing our property values, retaining the relaxed and quiet atmosphere, reducing crime (utilizing our own version of neighborhood watch), improving communication and enabling all residents to be good neighbors.

The El Mirador Neighborhood Organization was instrumental in forming the city wide Office of Neighborhood Involvement and in fact became the first association (originally named Bel Desierto) to be certified by the umbrella organization. There are now 15 Neighborhoods in the group and more joining every month. We have direct lines of open communication with city officials and are sanctioned by city ordinance.

Our goal is to meet monthly from October to June. Our annual meeting, including elections, is in November and our suggested dues/donation is $24 annually. Participation by owners and long term renters is encouraged and needed to assist with our goals and the tasks required by the city.

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Board meeting (open to all, however): Noon Saturday, 15, March at 930 E. Chia Rd., General Meeting: “second Sunday in November at noon” according to our by-laws.

Success Stories:
Several progressive parties with one neighbor hosting a different course of a meal: appetizer, main course, dessert. We’ve been able to communicate with neighbors almost immediately about break-ins, etc. Our association is small but the percentage of active members is growing yearly... as are our boundaries.

Boundaries Include:
  • East: West side of Avenida Caballeros.
  • West: East side of Miraleste.
  • North: Chia Road and the four cul-de-sacs (Opuntia, Vasquez, Rodeo and Fiesta).
  • South: Tachevah.
  • The Palms and Miraleste Ct. west of Via Miraleste
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El Rancho Vista Estates

Boundaries Include:The El Rancho Vista Estates Neighborhood Organization is the area bordered by the streets of Vista Chino (along the north), Gene Autry (along the east), and Chia (along the south). The Palm Springs International Airport land is along the west.
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Four Seasons Neighborhood Organization

More info coming soon...

Boundaries Include:
  • North: Four Seasons Blvd.
  • East: Desert Breeze Way
  • South: Golden Sands Dr.
  • West: Date Palm Trail
No Contacts On File

Gene Autry Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:Gene Autry on the east, Vista Chino on the south, Farrell on the west and Verona on the north
No Contacts On File

Historic Tennis Club Neighborhood Organization

HTCNO hosts three social events annually. Monthly board meetings may be attended by any member.

The annual dues contribution is $25.00

The HTCNO Board has elected the following officers:

  • President-Marshall Roath
  • Vice President-Frank Tysen
  • Secretary-Bob Helbling
  • Treasurer-Sheryl Hamlin

Members can email for the time and date of next board meeting.

Boundaries Include:

The Historic Tennis Club (HTC) community is located immediately adjacent to the downtown commercial area of Palm Springs. The HTC is bounded by Belardo to the east, Tahquitz Road to the north, the mountains to the west, and Sunny Dunes to the south. In addition, the organization includes the area known as Tahquitz Canyons Estate, an area located at the west end of Ramon Road from Belardo to La Mirada. Complimenting the 240 single-family residences within the HTC community, there are several condominium properties and over 25 small, highly personable petite hotels. These hotels attract a large number of loyal, continuing customers to their facilities contributing to the economy of the Palm Springs commercial businesses.

No Contacts On File

Indian Canyons Neighborhood Organization

OUr Neighborhood Today, (check out for the story of our neighborhood yesterday) by Linda Meierhoffer of Camino Real Originally built in the 1960s, most of Indian Canyons’ coveted real estate has been refurbished to reflect its modernistic roots. Those who live here have chosen this neighborhood not only for its distinctive architecture, with designs by Stan Sackley and Palmer and Krisel to name a few, but also for its unmistakable vibe: Welcoming, diverse, laid back and cordial come to mind when describing this little piece of Palm Springs history, both past and present. Our neighborhood’s name changed in 2009 from Canyon Country Club to Indian Canyons to reflect the new ownership of the 18-hole championship golf course, Indian Canyons North, which our homes surround. This par 72 course, along with the 18-hole golf course directly across Murray Canyon Road, Indian Canyons South, are owned by the Agua Caliente Indian tribe and are open to the public. Name changes aside, much of our neighborhood remains the same: The dog walkers, joggers and bicyclists still populate our palm tree-lined streets, retirees on a stroll continue to stop and chat with professionals who fly here from their high-pressure lives somewhere else, and authentic mid-century modern homes stand in neighborly fashion next to tile-roofed Southwestern ranches. Natural desert beauty is our Indian Canyons neighborhood’s trademark. We look out our picture windows to the Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains, like bulky chocolate carvings during the day that dapple gold and purple at sunset, while even closer to home are the Indian Canyons North’s lush fairways, dotted with thousands of stately palms and olive trees. The golf resort’s clubhouse, itself a tribute to modernism in its Donald Wexler design, provides a bit of unexpected grandeur in its northwest view of the course: The Walt Disney Fountain with majestic water jets that spray more than 100 feet into the air.
Boundaries Include:

Sierra Way, Caliente Road/Via Estrella, Murray Canyon Drive and east of the center line of Sierra Madre Drive, Santiago Way /Calle Palo Fierro Drive to Avenida Granada, east side of the center line of Palo Fierro Drive to Sierra Way

Contact List:

Little Beverly Hills

Boundaries Include:Ramon on the north, El Cielo on the east, Sunny Dunes on the south and Compadre on the west
No Contacts On File

Little Tuscany Neighborhood Organization

Board or Council number of members: 5, 7, or 9 Advisors; we presently have 8 and a vacancy

Success Stories:
Our current focus is creating a LTNO Disaster Response Organization


Boundaries Include:

The Little Tuscany Neighborhoods area is the area bounded by Milo (Drive) on the West, Tramway Road on the North, North Palm Canyon Drive on the East and Vista Chino Road on the South.

No Contacts On File

Los Compadres Neighborhood Organization


Boundaries Include:

The eastern boundary is the Tahquitz Wash to the eastern end of Escoba Drive, western boundary is Farrell Drive, southern boundary is East Palm Canyon Drive and the northern boundary is Mesquite Country Club (except for the Mesquite Country Club homes south of Mesquite Ave to Sonora Road and west of Compadre Road) Alta Loma Drive at the Bel Air Greens Golf Course and Tahquitz Creek Golf Course east of El Cielo Road.

No Contacts On File

Midtown Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:Alejo to the north, Tahquitz Canyon Way to the south, Indian Canyon Way to the west and Sunrise Way to the east.
No Contacts On File

Mountain Gate Neighborhood Organization (MGNO)

The Mountain Gate Neighborhood Organization is a group of neighbors organized to address a range of issues for the purpose of maintaining and improving the quality of life by encouraging neighborhood identity and facilitating communications with the City of Palm Springs.
Boundaries Include:The Mountain Gate Neighborhood Organization is comprised of the areas bounded on the North by Alta Cresta and Summit Drive; on the South by Vista Dunes and Ventana Ridge; on the East by Mission Peak; and on the West by Oro Ridge and Vista Sol. All streets are confined within the walls of the Mountain Gate Complex.
Contact List:
  • April Gunkel
    Mountain Gate Neighborhood Organization (MGNO) Chairperson
    883 Summit Drive
    Palm Springs, California, USA

Movie Colony East Neighborhood Organization

Our Advisors' meetings are at 10:00am on the first Saturday after the 2nd Thursday of each month (i.e. the Saturday following the NIC Meeting).

As a new organization, we are currently focused on outreach to inform and involve the residents in our neighborhood.

Boundaries Include:
  • North: Deepak Road to Via Donna to El Mirador to Paseo de Anza to the south side of Chia to Sunrise
  • South: North side of Alejo Road between Avenida Caballeros and Sunrise
  • East: West side of Sunrise between Alejo and Chia
  • West: East side of Avenida Caballeros between Alejo and Deepak(extended)
No Contacts On File

Old Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Fall meeting, November 8, 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Success Stories:
Helped neighborhood residents launch Bower security patrol of neighborhood 24/7.

Beautification of neglected parking lot and wall at Chino & Belardo

Boundaries Include:
  • East: N. Palm Cyn
  • West: Monte Vista
  • North: Stevens
  • South: Alejo
No Contacts On File

Parkview Mobile Estates Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:

(This is at the west end of Mesquite Avenue) The northerly boundary is Stone Terrace, southerly boundary is Cameo Drive and Gem Drive, easterly boundary is Valley Drive and western boundary is Scenic View.

No Contacts On File

Racquet Club Estates Neighborhood Organization (RCENO)

Please visit our AWARD-WINNING website to find out more about the historic Racquet Club Estates neighborhood and what RCENO is all about!
Boundaries Include:

Section 1: Central: - Northern Boundary: Francis Drive between Starr and Caballeros - Eastern Boundary: Caballeros between Francis and Via Escuela - Southern Boundary: North side of Via Escuela bewteen Caballeros and Milben Circle - Western Boundary: Starr Road between Francis and Via Escuela including the cul-de-sac streets of Laurel Circle, Sycamore Circle, Desert Willow Circle, Desert Holy Circle, Glen Circle, Milben Circle, and Raquet club Road between Starr and Sunnyview.

Section 2: North - Northern Boundary: south side of San Rafael between Sunnyview and Starr - Eastern Boundary: Starr - Southern Boundary: Francis - Western Boundary: Sunnyview

Section 3: South - Northern Boundary: Via Escuela between Jacques and Via Miraleste - Eastern Boundary: Jacques - Southern Boundary: north side of Louise - Western Boundary: east side of Via Miraleste between Louise and Via Escuela

Section 4: East - Northern Boundary: Francis between Caballeros and Aurora - Eastern Boundary: west side of Aurora - Southern Boundary: north side of Racquet Club Road - Western Boundary: Caballeros

No Contacts On File

Racquet Club South Neighborhood Organization

More info coming soon...
Boundaries Include:
  • North: Racquet Club Drive
  • West: Sunrise Way
  • South: Via Escuela
  • East: Farrell Drive
No Contacts On File

Racquet Club West Neighborhood Organization

Neighborhood meeting Saturday in the month of May, for date & location contact Joy Smith at, after April 20th.

Success Stories:

  • Being number 15... the latest neighborhood organization.
  • Stopping Greyhound from putting a bus station in our neighborhood with 7 stops per day and the last one after 1:00am.
  • Stopping the Well of the Desert to establish a food center in our neighborhood.
  • Making sure our neighborhood watch is active.
  • Creating a CERT neighborhood in case of a disaster. Currently we have 4 trained residents & 2 attending classes. Our goal is 10 neighbors to be CERT trained by the end of the year. Please contact Joy Smith for more information.

Boundaries Include:
  • North: Property on the South Side of West San Rafael Road between Indian Canyon Drive on the east and Palm Canyon Drive on the west.
  • South: North side of Alvarado Road between Palm Canyon and DE Anza, north on De Anza to the north side of Dominguez Road east to Zanjero Road north to San Carlos Road to Puerta Del Sol, south on Puerta Del Sol to San Marco Way, east to Indian Canyon Drive
  • East: West side of Indian Canyon Drive between San Rafael Road on the north and San Marco Way on the south
  • West: Property on the east side of Palm Canyon Drive with San Rafael Road on the north and Alvarado on the south
No Contacts On File

Sonora Sunrise Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:

The Sonora Sunrise Neighborhood Organization is the area bordered by the west side of Farrell (along the east), the north side of East Palm Canyon Drive (along the south), the east side of Sunrise Way (along the west) and the Tahquitz Wash (along the north).

No Contacts On File

Sunmor Neighborhood Organization

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Board of Advisor Meeting on Third Monday of the Month 5:00 PM (call Sec for location)

Success Stories:
Our most tangible success was winning a 5-0 vote of the City Council to close the end of a street that was being used for cut-through, speeding traffic. We anticipate a major improvement to the quality of life in our neighborhood. Sunmor has held three annual holiday parties and has general meetings each quarter. It’s officers meet each month. Through our email distribution system, we send out a high-crime alerts that have made our neighborhood safer.

We have created a neighborhood watch map with the name and phone of each neighbor listed on the map. This allows us all to watch each others’ homes and alert neighbors to potential problems.

Boundaries Include:The area located to the east of Farrell Drive, north of Andreas Road, west of Airlane Drive and south of Tamarisk Road to include the following streets: Juanita Drive, Julian Road, the east side of Farrell Drive, Helena Circle, Jill Circle, Leslie Circle, Lynn Circle, Morsun Circle, Louella Road, Livmor Avenue, Easmor Circle, Plaimor Avenue, Sybil Road and Airlane Drive.
No Contacts On File

Sunrise Park Neighborhood Organization

Boundaries Include:Alejo to the north, Baristo to the south, Sunrise Way to the west and Farrell to the east
No Contacts On File

Sunrise Vista Chino Neighborhood Coalition

The Sunrise-Vista Chino Neighborhood Coalition, includes the HOAs of Ranch Club, Sagewood, Sunrise Racquet Club, plus Desert AIDS Project, and the Vista Sunrise Apartments. An Advisory Council governs the Coalition, with Paula Auburn, serving as the Chair and Fiona Foyston as Vice Chair. The Advisory Council meets on an as needed basis, generally once a quarter.

Boundaries Include:
  • North: Vista Chino
  • South: Tachevah to Sunrise, up Sunrise to Mel
  • East: Cerritos
  • West: Paseo de Anza
No Contacts On File

Tahquitz River Estates Neighborhood Organization

Regular or Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Second Wednesday, 7:00 pm

Board or Council number of members:

Success Stories:
See the website!

Contact: email:

Boundaries Include:
  • Section 1: North Tahquitz River Estates, encompassing the south side of Sunny Dunes Road, east to Sunrise Avenue, south to North Riverside and west to South Palm Canyon.

  • Section 2: South Tahquitz River Estates, encompassing South Riverside east to Sunrise Avenue, south to the north side of Mesquite Avenue, and west to the east side of Random Road.

  • Section 3: North Palo Verde Estates, encompassing the south side of the Wash to South Palm Canyon, east following the west side of Random Road, and the south side of Mesquite Avenue, east to Camino Real, south to the south side of Ocotillo Avenue, and west to South Palm Canyon.

  • Section 4: South Palo Verde Estates, encompassing the north side of Morongo Road, east to Camino Real, including Biltmore Place, south to East Palm Canyon, and west to South Palm Canyon.

No Contacts On File

The Mesa Neighborhood Organization

The Mission of The Mesa Neighborhood organization is to achieve and maintain quality living conditions in The Mesa community; assist persons residing in the neighborhood to work together for the good of their neighborhood; and provide a non-partisan organization which will benefit our neighborhood and the City of Palm Springs.

Boundaries Include:
  • El Camino Way/Ridge Road and Alta Vista Road on the north
  • The eastern boundary is along and west of the eastern slope of the San Jacinto mountains
  • The western boundary is west of the centerline of South Palm Canyon Drive
  • The southern boundary is north of, but not including Cantina Way
No Contacts On File

The Movie Colony Neighborhood Organization

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
The Movie Colony Annual Meeting
Sunday, May 16, 2010; Cocktails at 5:30PM,
Short Business Meeting, Dinner and Social

Success Stories:
Traffic Calming along Via Chico approved by City Council for completion February 2008

June, 2008, New Traffic Light at Tamarisk and Indian Canyon

Identifying blade sign-toppers installed at access streets, July 2009

Boundaries Include:
  • East: Avenida Caballeros
  • West: Indian Canyon Drive
  • North: Tachevah Drive
  • South: Alejo Road
No Contacts On File

Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization

Unlike the inclusive city we know today, Palm Springs at mid 20th century restricted the areas in which its Jewish population could live and play. Sensing market demand, developers George and Robert Alexander, working with architect William Krisel, intended raw desert at the City’s southern edge to become a Jewish enclave. First they built the Ocotillo Lodge. Completed in 1956, the Lodge welcomed all home-seekers considering one of the 90 new adjacent homes. It was this fledgling neighborhood that introduced to the desert such modernist residential elements as open carports, clerestory windows, exposed concrete block, breezeways, and butterfly roofs. In doing so, Twin Palms became both the first midcentury modern neighborhood built by the Alexanders and the first housing tract in Palm Springs. Its success initiated the City's first major major housing boom and forever changed its architectural landscape. By the 1980s, contemporary, Spanish contemporary, and modern designs mingled with the midcentury architectural styles. Many original homes have been faithfully restored in recent years—some with the participation of William Krisel—and tour buses now lace our streets during Modernism Week. The Twin Palms Neighborhood Organization was certified by the City in March 2013. More than 25 members serve its vibrant committees that collectively provide opportunities for socializing and expressing civic responsibility, maximizing security and quality of life, preserving and promoting our neighborhood history, and keeping our neighbors and the City informed of our activities. Twin Palms now benefits from a population mix that reflects the diversity of Palm Springs, and the legacy of William Krisel and the Alexanders is a neighborhood alive with history and rich with character.
Boundaries Include:Sunrise Way / La Verne Way, S Camino Real, E Palm Canyon
Contact List:

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Organization

Upcoming Meeting Dates & Times:
Annual Meeting Sunday, November 2006 2:00 P.M.

Success Stories:
At our 1st Annual Meeting last November the main complaint seemed to have been “the traffic”. There was an insufficient amount of “speed signs and STOP signs”. We took the necessary steps to satisfy the City of Palm Springs supplying names, addresses and telephone numbers of concerned residents. With the dramatic change in our neighborhood residents, children of all ages, cyclists, joggers, walkers and pets we felt a need to make Vista Las Palmas safe for everybody. We were successful in making Camino Sur & Via Monte Vista a 4 way STOP, had speed signs posted on Via Monte Vista and a “watch sign” posted at Mountain View & Via Monte Vista.

Due to the rise in crime in our area we spoke with our residents regarding a Security Patrol. On October 1st Bower Security Patrol Services was hired and we began a 24/7 Patrol Service. There are three eight hour shifts round the clock, we have a dedicated Patrol Car and other benefits. We are a safer neighborhood than we were a year ago.

We are meeting with our “social committee” to plan a couple of meet and greet events so that everyone that wants to meet and get to know their neighbors has the opportunity.

Boundaries Include:
  • East: West side of North Via Monte Vista to Stevens Rd. Palm Canyon Dr from Vista Chino to Stevens Rd.
  • West: Los Robles
  • North: Vista Chino (Coronado Ave.)
  • South: Crescent Drive
Contact List:

Vista Norte Neighborhood Organization (VNNO)

Neighborhood Involvement Organizations are recognized by the City of Palm Springs and are a great way for residents to:
  • Stay connected and provide a collective voice to the city government
  • Feel safe ... neighborhood organizations are assigned a Palm Springs police liasion
  • Be proactive and make our part of Palm Springs an even more enjoyable place to live
  • Communicate and exchange information and knowledge while getting to know neighbors
    • The Vista Norte Neighborhood Organization is not a home owner’s association and does not create neighborhood rules, regulations, or covenants.
    Boundaries Include:The Vista Norte Neighborhood Organization is the area bordered by:
    • Southern Boundary:
      North side of E. Vista Chino between N. Avenida Caballeros and N. Sunrise
    • Eastern Boundary:
      West side of N. Sunrise Way between Vista Chino and E. Racquet Club Rd.
    • Northern Boundary:
      South Side of E. Racquet Club Rd. between N. Sunrise Way and N. Avenida Caballeros
    • Western Boundary:
      East side of N. Avenida Caballeros between E. Racquet Club Rd. and E. Vista Chino
    • Additional Section:
      North side of E. Louise Dr. between Jacques Dr. and N. Avenida Caballeros West side of N. Avenida Caballeros between E. Louise Dr. and E. Via Escuela
      Including El Conquistador, El Cid and E. El Escudero
      South side of E. Via Escuela between N. Avenida Caballeros and Jacques Dr.
    No Contacts On File

    Warm Sands Neighborhood Organization

    Success Stories: 1. Sidewalks along Ramon Road funded! The total project cost is $123,900 with the grant for $92,900 of the cost. The city will pay the remaining costs. 2. On January 18, 2008, “Jungle Red” Sculpture is installed on Warm Sands Drive. 3. Neighborhood Watch Signs have been placed at the entrance to the major streets to deter crime. 4. Stopped the approval of a 24 hour convenience store at the Sun Center-April 2012.

    Boundaries Include:
    • East: S Sunrise Way
    • West: S Palm Canyon Drive / Indian Canyon
    • North: Ramon Road
    • South: Sunny Dunes Road
    Contact List:
    Neighborhoods Map